Eddison Books Limited is a leading publisher for the international market, offering titles on health and well-being, personal development, MBS, parenting, childcare and brain-training. We are part of Leduc.s Éditions – a successful independent publishing house based in Paris – and also represent a number of their French-language titles covering a broad range of fiction and non-fiction categories, including craft and natural health.

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We are excited to present our series of podcasts, interviews with our authors. Listen to your favourite authors and discover new books and card decks.

The podcast is run by Steve Nobel. Steve is a book mentor, coach, an author of five books, and an online publisher.

Watch the videos on YouTube! JAM PACKED with photos, excerpts from the book, images, and the card they are talking about also pops up on screen!

WIN a copy of the NEW Moon Oracle!

Out Now! We are celebrating the release of the updated and reissued MOON ORACLE by Caroline Smith & John Astrop by giving away a FREE PACK! It is very easy to be in with a chance to win a deck, simply: Like our Facebook Page Like, comment or share the 'WIN the Moon...

Eat Well Look Great in the News

We are so delighted to present the excellent recent press for our Superfood guide EAT WELL LOOK GREAT by Dr Sarah Brewer The Daily Express 26th Feb 2018 The Mail Online 4th March 2018 The Mail Online 6th March 2018 The Sunday Mirror 11th March 2018 Natural Health...

The Druid Animal Oracle (Podcast)

Interview with Philip Carr-Gomm Philip Carr-Gomm is interviewed by Steve Nobel about his book - The Druid Animal Oracle. They discuss the history of Druidry, animal power and how the cards have helped Philip in his own life. The Druids, like the Native Americans,...

Beginner’s Guide to Tarot (Podcast)

Interview with Juliet Sharman-Burke Steve Nobel Interviews Juliet on her book 'Beginner's guide to Tarot'. They discuss specific cards in the deck, from the High Priestess to the Seven of Swords, Juliet shares some tips for beginners and having her preconceptions...

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