How to get glowing skin – Using 4 different superfoods to get glowing skin

Dr Sarah Brewer’s, Eat Well Look Great, shows the amazing link between good nutrition and good looks, and how diet can affect the health of your hair, skin and nails. Her book covers 40 different beauty superfoods that can help you look your best – whether eaten or applied directly to the hair and skin.

40 different superfoods to help you look great

These nutritional approaches can improve niggling beauty problems such as thread veins, acne, age spots and wrinkles through to cellulitebrittle or flaking nailsthinning hair and dark circles under the eyes.  

How to get glowing skin

Carotenoid plant pigments can give your skin a healthy, slightly golden glow, and eating just two extra portions each day can make a positive difference to skin tone as well as providing some protection against sunburn. The foods that are most beneficial for healthy, glowing skin are carrots, pumpkins, papaya, mango, sweet potato, bell peppers and dark green leafy vegetables, especially spinach and kale. Plant isoflavones found in edamame beans and other soy products also help to improve skin tone.

Avocado for beauty

Avocados are good for you

Avocado is a rich source of healthy, monounsaturated fatty acids, plus antioxidant carotenoids and vitamin E. Avocado oil also contains hormone-like phytosterols that have a regenerative effect on ageing skin. Avocado oil can improve dry, inflammatory skin conditions such as acneeczema, psoriasis and rosacea, damping down redness and inflammation. When applied as a cream containing vitamin B12 and avocado oil, psoriasis plaques improved significantly. Several studies suggest that the antioxidant pigments found in avocados (especially lutein and zeaxanthin) help to protect against premature cell ageing.

Tomatoes for beauty

The vibrant red colour of tomatoes comes from an antioxidant pigment, lycopene, which protects tomatoes from sun damage. Tomato lycopene can offer the same protection to human skin, reducing the adverse ageing effects of ultraviolet light. Researchers compared the skin of women eating five tablespoons (55g) tomato paste plus 10g olive oil every day, for 12 weeks, with a similar group taking just the olive oil as a supplement. The volunteers were exposed to UV rays at the beginning and end of the trial, and those eating tomato paste developed 33% less redness (erythema) suggesting this simple dietary step offered a sun protection factor (SPF) equivalent to 1.3. Skin biopsies also showed increased skin levels of procollagen, which improve elasticity, in those consuming tomato paste and less damage to skin mitochondrial DNA which is linked to skin ageing.

Dark chocolate

Cocoa solids contain more antioxidants than just about any other food – there are over 25,000 antioxidant units in a single spoonful of raw cocoa powder! – helping to combat the signs of premature ageing.

Dark Chocolate is great for your skinJust 40 g (11/2 oz) of dark chocolate provides more than 300 mg of super- protective polyphenols known as oligomer flavonoids. These have beneficial effects on the circulation, helping to dilate blood vessels and boost the supply of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, skin and nails. They also have anti-ageing effects that may protect against premature wrinkles. In addition, cocoa powder is a good source of minerals, including calcium, copper, magnesium and zinc, which are needed for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Dark chocolate improves skin thickness and hydration, important for healthier, younger-looking skin.


Cucumber is 96 per cent water, yet still provides an astonishing array of beauty benefits. Both as part of your diet and as a beauty treatment, this unassuming fruit should be a key component of your beauty regime.

Tone your skin

Blend half a chopped cucumber, 45 ml (11⁄2 fl oz) witch hazel and 30 ml (1 fl oz) filtered/mineral water until smooth. Pass the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve or squeeze through cheesecloth to remove the solids (save the solids and use them for a 5-minute face mask). Pour the liquid into a clean screw- top bottle and apply with a cotton-wool pad as required. This brightens, refreshes and tones skin, as well as tightening enlarged pores.

Zap a blemish

Mix a small amount of cucumber juice (grate some cucumber and squeeze to obtain the juice) with an equal amount of lemon juice. Apply to spots for 15 minutes, then wash off. (If you have dry rather than oily skin, add a little manuka honey, too.) This will shrink spots and reduce inflammation and redness.

After-sun treatment

If your skin is parched and sore from too much sun, cucumber juice can cool and soothe the affected area. (Sunscreen and sensible sun-exposure times will prevent burning, so this remedy should only be used as a last resort!)

For a refreshing bath

Add a handful of Dead Sea salts, one sliced cucumber and a few drops of diluted essential oils (see note below) to a warm bath, and lie back and relax for 15–20 minutes, preferably in candlelight.

NOTE: Most essential oils should be diluted before coming in contact with your skin. Add 5 drops to a tablespoon of carrier oil (such as almond or avocado) and mix. Choose a single favourite oil, or a blend of up to three (for example, 1 drop rose, 2 drops lemon, 2 drops vanilla).

cucumber smoothie recipe
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Soba Salad With Roasted Vegetables & Pumpkin Seeds

Mains & Sides

Cooking for me is like when I paint or write. That is what I love, and I always work with colours as much as flavour combinations.

I like to use a variety of grains and seeds, as they all give you different vitamins and minerals, and mixing them gives you a more complete source of protein. Not only that, each vegetable colour has different nutrients – for example, dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, dandelion and spinach contain the carotenoid lutein, important for eye health. Just go to your local market and buy the fresh and seasonal vegetables that inspire you; each season and colourful vegetable has its charm.

vegetarian and vegan cookbook, start the new year off rightThough I cook for a living, I am also pretty impatient and want dinner to be quick, and served in half an hour max most nights – especially when I’ve spent all day working in the kitchen. Still, I want to enjoy my meal, and I want to make it beautiful, but in a easy way – so I can assure you that the recipes are not too complicated.

I hope you enjoy them!

-Lina Bou



Serves 2
Preheat the oven to 175°C/350oF/Gas 4.

1 packet soba (buckwheat) noodles
1⁄2 butternut squash, cut into small cubes
2 carrots, cut into small cubes
1⁄2 aubergine, cut into small cubes
35g (11⁄4oz) pumpkin seeds
coconut oil
salt and freshly ground black pepper
1cm (1⁄3in) piece fresh ginger, finely grated 1 bunch fresh coriander, rinsed
1–2 tbsp pumpkin seed oil

Cook the soba noodles according to the instructions on the packet, then rinse and set aside. Meanwhile, place the vegetables on a baking tray together with the pumpkin seeds and add some coconut oil, salt and pepper and the grated ginger.

Mix thoroughly – ideally massaging the veggies with your hands – to make sure everything is well coated in the oil and seasoning. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes, or until the vegetables have turned a nice golden colour.

When the vegetables are done, add the cooked noodles to the tray and mix everything together, then put the tray back in the oven for 5–10 minutes to warm the noodles through. Take the leaves off the coriander stalks and add them to the salad, drizzle over the pumpkin seed oil and it’s ready to serve. (For a tasty variation, try adding sun-dried tomatoes and a little feta, too.)

The ginger adds a delicious spicy touch, as well as aiding digestion and giving your immune system a boost.


This dish is…..


Food that is easily digested, and which an upset stomach can handle, thanks either to digestive herbs, the cooking process or a combination of foods that are smooth and gentle on the digestive system.


Dishes that boost your immune system due to containing a high amount of antioxidants and/or antibacterial properties.

Nutrititonal Therapist Lina Bou


Discover Lina Bou’s recipe for healthy living, with this inspirational cookbook for the modern lifestyle.

Nutritional therapist Lina Bou’s shares recipes for healthy living, with this inspirational cookbook for the modern lifestyle.

Cooking isn’t just about eating the right foods – it’s about being inventive, having fun and enjoying a healthy relationship with what you eat. Whether you’re looking for tasty brunch ideas, delicious dinners, energising snacks or mouthwatering sweet treats, Lina shows you how to make simple, nutritious vegetarian meals (suitable for all!) easy enough for anyone to rustle up with the minimum of fuss. There are also suggestions for vegan alternatives, plus recipes free from gluten, dairy and sugar – the most common intolerances.All recipes feature a health-benefit key, indicating at a glance whether they help improve your immunity, boost your energy, balance your hormones, and more. And there’s advice on sensible detoxing, too.

Vegetarian and vegan cook book,

Price: £13.99 RRP
ISBN: 978-1-85906-410-8

Use the ISBN to order from any book shop

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True happiness

The following is an excerpt from a book by leading Buddhist Fabrice Midal. 

‘Is Meditation only for Buddhists?

Is Meditation only for Buddhists? By Fabrice MidalMeditation isn’t about attaining a state of calm, or emptying your head, or applying certain techniques. It’s about being more present, and learning to see things as they are – and this is something all of us can do! This illuminating book takes the reader on a true journey of discovery, revealing how the story of the Buddha reflects our own lives, and offering meditations to guide us in the everyday situations we face.

True Happiness

The Buddha grew up receiving an education in keeping with his position. For his sixteenth birthday, his father had three palaces built—one for the cold season, one for the hot season, and one for the rainy season—and decided to choose a wife for him from among the daughters of the neighbouring monarchs.

The prince was asked what he wished for. He gave no value to the caste of his future wife, but wished for her to be firm in the face of truth, modest, and to always act with kindness. A young woman, Yashodara, perfectly met with these conditions, but her father refused to give his daughter to a man who could not prove he was truly skilled in the arts, or knowledgeable on the rules of fencing, archery, scripture, or good with numbers.

Bronze Buddah, Nepal, 18th century
Bronze, Nepal, 18th century

A great contest was organised. The prince demonstrated his skills in the twelve arts. The young Yashodara was then given to him to be his wife.

The texts describe the numerous pleasures to which he could then devote him- self. However, in the midst of these various pleasures, he realised this was not the life he wished to lead. None of this managed to satisfy him.

His privileged situation allowed him to understand early on what most men take far longer to discover: that having a high social standing, being rich, intelligent, and possessing everything you want is not enough to acquire true happiness.

Meditation on true happiness

We expend a great deal of effort to improve the external conditions of our existence, but we neglect our own mind. Yet it’s precisely our state of mind that allows us to be happy. There are examples to prove this: some, who lead a comfortable life, are unhappy, while others, who have almost nothing and encounter difficulties, radiate with joy.

You, too, can feel the joy of being in the here and now, wherever you are. There’s no need to wait for the arrival of a particular event or person. You can experience this feeling right now. Here are some instructions to help you get there.

Settle yourself down on a cushion or on a chair. Take the time to notice how pleasant it feels to be sitting. Then sit up straight. It’s such a good feeling to no longer need an excuse to be, and to feel yourself sitting upright. Then feel how good it is to breathe. and simply be present to the joy of inhaling and exhaling.

You are now feeling the ordinary yet magnificent simplicity of just being.

This state isn’t perfect, of course. It doesn’t prevent fatigue, tension, or occasional painful emotions from overwhelming us. But these discomforts don’t ruin our happiness of being.

It’s this happiness, independent of external circumstances, which the Buddha teaches us.

Bronze, Nepal, 18th century

This was an excerpt from ‘Is Meditation only for Buddhists?’ by Fabrice Midal. Fabrice Midal is one of the leading teachers of secular meditation in France, and founder of the Western School of Meditation.

Launching the Eddison Books Podcast!

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I am delighted to introduce you all to our new series of Podcasts!

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Ep 1: Mark Ryan on the book that he co-authored with John Matthews,  ‘Wild Magic: The Wildwood Tarot Workbook’ 

Ep 2: DruidAnimal Oracle author Philip Carr-Gomm talks about Druidry and how to use the cards.Wild Magic Podcast

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2017 Round Up | Eddison Books


Merry Christmas 2017 from Eddison Books

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Eddison Books!

Thank you all for your support and excitement over our books this year. Our team of authors, editors, designers and more have worked tirelessly to print a range of interesting books and decks, for your continued enjoyment and learning!

In 2017…

We released the stunning Druid Oracle decks by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm; the DruidCraft Tarot and the Druid Plant Oracle. These beautiful decks combine the two fundamental spiritualities of Nature – Wicca and Druidry – and reflects the explosion of interest in the Western magical tradition and paganism.

Druid Craft Tarot- Philip and Stephanie Carr-GommDruid Plant Oracle- Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

To complement the ever popular WildWood Tarot, Mark Ryan and John Matthews have released ‘Wild Magic: The Wildwood Tarot Workbook’; a book written to allow you step further into the magical Wildwood world; get the authors insight on how to read the cards;  plus an intriguing glimpse into what science can tell us about tarot.

Wild Magic: The Wildwood tarot workbook by Mark Ryan and John Matthews

In October we released a gorgeous set of gold gilded cards by Ambika Wauters, titled ‘The Angel Oracle’. The cards are designed to offer clarity of thought, knowledge and insight to help you with everyday problems, as well as the major challenges of life.

Angel Oracle Deck by Ambika WautersAngel Oracle Cards by Ambika Wauters


Following the success of the original bestselling Mood Cards box, we have released a new, stand-alone volume “Mood Cards: Understand Deep emotions”. Author Andrea Harrn created this pack to offer an accessible way to help mental health professionals, schools and families identify and explore moods, feelings and emotions.

Mood Cards: Understand Deep emotions by Andrea Harrn

Our range of Personal Development books has increased with some fantastic manuals and guides:

How to BreatheRichard Brennan

The Chakra WorkbookPauline Wills

Thai Massage (Manual Series) – Maria Mercati

The Alexander TechniqueRichard Brennan


Eddison Books 2017


Buddhist Fabrice Midal wrote an illuminating book, written to take the reader on a true journey of discovery. He reveals how the story of the Buddha reflects our own lives, and offers meditations to guide us in the everyday situations we face.  

Is Meditation only for Buddhists? By Fabrice Midal


Stay tuned for 2018

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