Eddison Books Limited is a leading publisher for the international market, offering titles on health and well-being, personal development, MBS, parenting, childcare and brain-training. We are part of Leduc.s Éditions – a successful independent publishing house based in Paris – and also represent a number of their French-language titles covering a broad range of fiction and non-fiction categories, including craft and natural health.

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We are excited to present our series of podcasts, interviews with our authors. Listen to your favourite authors and discover new books and card decks.

The podcast is run by Steve Nobel. Steve is a book mentor, coach, an author of five books, and an online publisher.

Watch the videos on YouTube! JAM PACKED with photos, excerpts from the book, images, and the card they are talking about also pops up on screen!

Eddison Books visits printers

This weekend, book fans working at Eddison Books and sister company Editions Leduc gathered in Barcelona to visit two of our printers! The weekend started on Thursday night with a mad dash from the airport to the hotel for a 5 second shower before running out to a...

How To Breathe (Podcast)

Good breathing involves a coordination of our whole being. Alexander Technique expert Richard Brennan talks us through how Alexander solved his vocal problems by looking at what he was doing with his breathing. Richard explains how being hunched over your computer...

Alexander’s story

Improve your breathing for health, happiness and well-being. Did you know that the way you breathe can be detrimental to your well-being? Poor posture, stress, muscular tension ... all can make the ‘effortless’ act of breathing hard work without us realising. And...

The Celtic Shaman’s Pack (Podcast)

Interview with John Matthews In this great interview, Steve Nobel and John Matthews talk about how John got interested in the Celtic era and Shamanism. They discuss the Celts, their shamanic traditions and relationship to the world. Lastly John analyses the imagery of...

Soba Salad With Roasted Vegetables & Pumpkin Seeds

Cooking for me is like when I paint or write. That is what I love, and I always work with colours as much as flavour combinations. I like to use a variety of grains and seeds, as they all give you different vitamins and minerals, and mixing them gives you a more...

True happiness

The following is an excerpt from a book by leading Buddhist Fabrice Midal.  'Is Meditation only for Buddhists? Meditation isn’t about attaining a state of calm, or emptying your head, or applying certain techniques. It’s about being more present, and learning to see...

Launching the Eddison Books Podcast!

Hi all, I am delighted to introduce you all to our new series of Podcasts! Steve Nobel interviews the Eddison Books Authors on their latest releases. This new series aims to help you get to know our authors, and hear them talk passionately about their books. Ep 1:...

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