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We are excited to present our series of podcasts, interviews with our authors. Listen to your favourite authors and discover new books and card decks.

The podcast is run by Steve Nobel. Steve is a book mentor, coach, an author of five books, and an online publisher.

Watch the videos on YouTube! JAM PACKED with photos, excerpts from the book, images, and the card they are talking about also pops up on screen!

Podcast links and transcripts

The Druid Animal Oracle (Podcast)

Interview with Philip Carr-Gomm Philip Carr-Gomm is interviewed by Steve Nobel about his book - The Druid Animal Oracle. They discuss the history of Druidry, animal power and how the cards have helped Philip in his own life. The Druids, like the Native Americans,...

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Beginner’s Guide to Tarot (Podcast)

Interview with Juliet Sharman-Burke Steve Nobel Interviews Juliet on her book 'Beginner's guide to Tarot'. They discuss specific cards in the deck, from the High Priestess to the Seven of Swords, Juliet shares some tips for beginners and having her preconceptions...

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