Wild Magic: The Wildwood Tarot Workbook (Podcast)

Wild Magic: The Wildwood Tarot Workbook (Podcast)

Interview with Mark Ryan


Steve Nobel interviews Mark Ryan, co-author of Wild Magic.
They talk Wildwood tarot, an amazing tarot reading and discuss the human psyche.

Invoke the power of the Wildwood, of the Green Man and Green Woman, and of the living archetypes of the forest such as Robin-in-the-Hood, with this new companion to the bestselling Wildwood Tarot. Authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews take us across time, to the pre-Celtic world of the forest that once cloaked much of the world, where primal forces roamed free and opened doorways into the otherworld of the Ancestors. With chapters on the Lore of the Wildwood, shamanic methods of exploring the inner reaches, and meditations designed to enable powerful, personal encounters with Wildwood archetypes, as well as the authors’ own insights on ways to read the cards, plus an intriguing glimpse into what science can tell us about the tarot, the book takes a new and informed look at a set of ancient traditions applied to our lives today.

Watch the video on youtube! As mark talks you through the deck, the relevant cards pop up in front of you.


Wild Magic: The Wildwood Tarot Workbook

ISBN: 1859064124

The Wildwood Tarot; Illustrated book and deck

ISBN: 1859063187

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Want more Wildwood? Hear from Wild Magic’s Co-author John Matthews here in this secret video ->

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The Celtic Shaman’s Pack (Podcast)

The Celtic Shaman’s Pack (Podcast)

Interview with John Matthews

In this great interview, Steve Nobel and John Matthews talk about how John got interested in the Celtic era and Shamanism. They discuss the Celts, their shamanic traditions and relationship to the world. Lastly John analyses the imagery of 3 cards picked by Steve: The Lady of the Sacred Earth; The Son, and The Lord of the Underworld.
This audio podcast is complemented by images of the cards, excerpts from the book, allowing you a glimpse inside, and to analyse the cards alongside John Matthews.

About the Celtic Shaman’s Pack:
Enter the magical realm of the shaman and develop your latent shamanic skills. The Celtic Shaman’s Pack offers direct access to the inner cosmos of the Celts, enabling you to make contact with the powerful archetypes to be found there.This pack constitutes your ‘shaman’s pouch’ – your very own collection of items imbued with magical or mystical significance, offering a bridge between the world of the everyday and the world of unseen reality that is a part of every shaman’s training.
The cards represent key aspects of the Celtic universe, providing you with a set of shamanic journey co-ordinates. By working with the images on a daily basis, for divination and discovery, you will learn to journey on the visionary path and gain a heightened understanding of yourself, as well as insight into your true life direction.

  • The definitive shamanic deck now re-issued in a brand new updated edition
  • Ideal for beginners and more experienced students alike
  • Shamanism is increasingly popular, as people seek connections between the natural and spirit worlds
  • Bestselling author has been a practising shaman for over twenty years

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► Illustrated Book and Cards
ISBN: 9781859063934

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Launching the Eddison Books Podcast!

Launching the Eddison Books Podcast!

Hi all,

I am delighted to introduce you all to our new series of Podcasts!

Steve Nobel interviews the Eddison Books Authors on their latest releases. This new series aims to help you get to know our authors, and hear them talk passionately about their books.

Ep 1: Mark Ryan on the book that he co-authored with John Matthews,  ‘Wild Magic: The Wildwood Tarot Workbook’ 

Ep 2: DruidAnimal Oracle author Philip Carr-Gomm talks about Druidry and how to use the cards.

Philip Carr-Gomm Quote, PodcastWild Magic Podcast








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