First Look: Angels of Light Oracle

First Look: Angels of Light Oracle

The Angels of Light is a divinatory oracle designed to connect you to the depth of your wisdom and guidance. It incorporates the help of the spiritual realm through the love and blessing of the angels working on your behalf. The 52 angels included in the deck are symbolic of the higher spiritual forces that guide and support you, and they can help you understand how these forces are working in your life. Part of your connection to the Divine, they assist you in everyday undertakings, as well as helping you to face the major challenges in your life. They can carry you through the instability of change, keeping you on course, stable and strong, and aware of the next right move.

The purpose of angels is to bring humanity closer to the Divine through guidance, support and love. They help us manage our lives with a strong spiritual anchor and a positive, life-affirming spirit. The psychic patterns unfolding in our lives show up in the oracle card readings; there are no ‘bad’ cards, or ‘negative’ angels. Remember: every experience we have helps us to grow, develop confidence, and trust in the Divine. Angels infuse our spirit with strength and courage to face the traumas, losses and separations we experience in life. They show us the good in every situation and encourage us to harvest out all negativity. They want us to become strong, loving and compassionate – people who can forgive and bring kindness to others.

The angels offer us blessings to see us well. They help us flourish and thrive. They do not punish, shame or criticize us – they strive for us to develop self-worth, empowerment and self-acceptance, so we can allow more goodness to come to us. They teach us we are meant to have good things happen, and that we have a right to do well and be happy. They support us in claiming our good.

Living life without a spiritual anchor or moral compass is like a ship caught in the throes of a storm, left to the fate of the elements; it is helpless to forge its way under its own sail. Angels guide us through these choppy waters, helping us make wise choices for our good. Our lives work better when we align our spirit with that of the Divine; direct messengers from the heavenly realm, the angels work with us, as we mature to forge that indelible connection.

Angels: Here to Help

There are a plethora of angels in this card oracle, each of whom represents a force for goodness. They are eager to touch your spirit, awaken your soul and guide you forward in the direction of a good life. Harbingers of love and messengers of healing, angels show us that we don’t have to face life’s challenges alone, bringing us divine goodness on all occasions and helping us to meet our responsibilities with enthusiasm. Whether seeking financial help, relationship sup- port, parental guidance or advice on health issues, we need only to know we are worthy of the help we seek, and to ask for it. We can call upon the angels to stand by us as we move through life.

When we acknowledge the spiritual realm and its profound ability to influence our lives, we create a strong connection to these spiritual allies who help us kindle our own inner light. They guide us to become extraordinary beings, able to do our best and help heal the world around us. If we allow their higher vibration of goodness into our hearts, they will offer us the power of healing, the necessity of forgiveness, and the triumph of unconditional love.

To receive their spiritual gifts, and benefit from their grace, does not require a methodology or strict adherence to a religious principle. Angels don’t take sides; their understanding is that everyone has their own lessons to learn, and the power of the Divine is there to help. They love us irrespective of what we have done or who we think we are. They love us when we are immature, egotistical or depressed. They work to get through to our higher consciousness every way they can. When we fail to petition the spiritual realm for help, we become burdened with the gravity that negativity creates, with its downward spiral. Our work is to harvest out this negativity – to release anger, fear, doubt and self-loathing, and stop resisting the angels’ offer of goodness. The more we love ourselves, and respect and honour our choices for good, the easier it is for them to align their spirit with ours. 


Ambika Wauters
Tucson, Arizona, December 2016

Invocational Prayer

Beloved angels who guard my spirit and guide me forward, please protect me while I open myself to receive your guidance and love. In thanks for your love and light. Amen.

Unboxing & Flip Through 
In this calming video, we open up the Angels of Light Oracle, look through the book and flip through the 52 beautifully decorated oracle cards 

First Look at the book, exploring 
The Angel of Security, The Angel of Alchemy 
and The Angel of Shyness

The Angel of Security


I am secure and protected by Divine love.



We are secure in the arms of love. When we allow our light to shine, all we need and desire begins to manifest and comes to us. When we open our heart to love, we create an invisible protection that gives us security. Security is not an amount of money, or protective walls; it is knowing we are divinely provided for in endless ways that ensure our well-being, health and happiness.

Give thanks for divine security and share your light with others. Giving to others keeps you stable in your divine connection.
It helps you expand your limits and teaches you
about true security.


We call on the Angel of Security to help define our boundaries, and to teach us how we can thrive and prosper using our talents and gifts to support us doing what we love. Spiritual consciousness shows us how we can support the foundations of the world by giving to those who have less security than we do. Security is a state of inner knowing that is not about material wealth. It comes from our innermost awareness that all is well that we are loved and protected by the Divine in all situations, at all times. We are truly blessed by divine goodness, and that is our security.


Beloved Angel of Security, thank you for offering me a safe haven from the storms of life. I give thanks for the security that gives me the opportunity to express my talents and
gifts to the world.

The Angel of Alchemy


As I think more positive thoughts, I make better choices for my life. I support others in doing the same.


Alchemy turns the negative and difficult situations in your life into the gold of wisdom and the diamond of truth. It opens the mind to realize higher truths that honour the spirit and love the self, embracing all its limitations and accepting the lessons of challenges. Alchemy is rethinking your attitudes about life, choosing to see the cup half full instead of half empty.

When you start the alchemical process of transforming yourself, you are carried across the abyss of failure onto a new shore where you can express your being and thrive. Alchemy is the manifestation of the power of positive thoughts into the goodness of your life. You take charge of your life when you redefine every situation you’ve experienced with gratitude.


We call on the Angel of Alchemy to assist us in the healing process of redefining ourselves. We release self-loathing and replace it with self- love. We forgive any ill will we have absorbed from others, and we release and bless anyone who ever hurt us. This is how we kindle light and transform ourselves into mature, wise and loving beings who make the world better for everyone. Only through positive actions and loving spirits does healing alchemy happen.


Beloved Angel of Alchemy, help me transform all negativity into the power of love and the affirmation of divine grace, so I may do good in the world.

Angel of Sweet Shyness


I protect my inner light by honouring my sweet shyness. I shield my talents and gifts till I am strong enough to share them with the world.


Shyness envelops our spirit when we are young, until we develop a strong personal identity that is confident and affirms our worth. What is pure, innocent and gentle easily becomes veiled by the taint of sophistication and egotism. As we mature, our talents and gifts, and spirit, emerge, at which point it feels safe to express ourselves in the world. Our sweetness comes to the surface, as we release fear and feel secure in expressing ourselves. Shyness protects our goodness and sweetness until we are ready to blossom.


The Angel of Sweet Shyness helps us find safe places where our soul can rest in comfort, and our gifts can develop under wise guidance. It leads us to the schools, training and teachers who help hone our skills; it provides us with loving friends who walk with us into the world. This angel’s obligation is to protect our pure light and abiding sweetness. It is our timidity that protects our gentle spirit, so full of wonder, eager to love and be loved, and open to divine goodness. It helps maintain our spiritual integrity, knowing our innocence and purity are safe.


Beloved Angel of Sweet Shyness, protect my tender and sweet nature from ignorance and exploitation. Teach me to turn away from anything that endangers my pure spirit. Help me stay radiant and strong, as I develop the confidence to be in the world as a positive beacon for good. 

Angels strive to expand our lives. They guide and heal us, moving us forward, highlighting what needs doing and keeping us on course.

This beautifully illustrated oracle features 52 inspirational angel cards to lift the spirit, quicken your thoughts and identify your hopes. Each card resonates with the qualities of the angel it represents, establishing a powerful connection to the Divine, and offering access to inner wisdom and guidance that will support you in all your endeavours.

The book includes detailed interpretations for each angel, along with accompanying prayers and affirmations, while a selection of card layouts helps you gain clarity and direction in your readings, as well as guiding your actions throughout the year. Find the strength and focus to meet your challenges, by allowing the love and grace of angels into your life.

Publication date: 8th November 2018
ISBN: 978-1-85906-170-1
Price: £22.99

(Ps – You can use the ISBN to order from ANY bookshop!)





Ambika Wauters is a professional psychotherapist and counsellor who has been teaching and healing for more than 20 years, and also a respected artist, having trained at the Royal College of Art in London. She is the author of over twenty titles on angels, chakras and homeopathy, and her books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.
Visit her website at:

First Look: White Eagle Medicine Wheel

First Look: White Eagle Medicine Wheel

Wa-Na-Nee-Che is calling you! He is your teacher.
I am his scribe, and your guide on this journey. My name is Eliana “Bear Grandmother Calls Her,” the medicine name given to me by Brooke Medicine Eagle, a Métis spiritual teacher from Montana in the United States. Bear is my Power Animal. My lineage is Celtic; much has been lost from this tradition, yet it has many similarities with the Native American way.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the indigenous people of North America. They have a great deal to teach us, since they have kept their connection with Mother Earth and all her creatures, and with the Creator, Great Spirit. If this planet, our home, is to survive, we need to listen to their message: all life is sacred.

Wa-Na-Nee-Che, which in Lakota means “he who is needed by the people,” brings us this message in a way that all of us can understand, to make it part of our lives. You may have read stories of how people have made some connection with unusual “medicine” teachers. Most of those stories are allegorical, and the teachers are only archetypes: they do not exist outside the book.

But this is different: Wa-Na-Nee-Che is very much alive! The son of an Ojibwa mother and a Lakota Sioux father, with a dash of Celt, he descends from a long line of medicine men and shamans, and is one of only thirty-nine Native American teachers who hold the original wisdom. He is available to those who want to study with him, both in his country and in the UK.

Wa-Na-Nee-Che teaches a way of life: how to live in harmony with the inner self and those around you, and with all the other children of Mother Earth—the trees, animals, rocks, clouds, and all forms of creation.

For all those who are unable to come to him, Wa-Na-Nee-Che has designed White Eagle Medicine Wheel and its pack of cards as a unique way of going to them and to share his teaching. He will lead you, through the book, on a step-by-step journey of awakening at all levels. Many practical exercises are included, so that pupils can bring about a real change to their life.

Consider it as his gift to you. It carries his energy, his knowledge, and the wisdom which comes from the original teachings, beyond tribal traditions. Follow me, now. I will be your guide.

Come to Turtle Island, our name for the continent of North America, land of an ancient people who once walked on their beloved Mother Earth in their millions. Wa-Na-Nee-Che carries the ancient heritage of his people. He is beckoning you to
come and sit by him.

For a few moments, nothing is said. But you sense he is
taking in everything about you. Feeling his warmth and acceptance, you go to join him.

So here, I will leave you, in the good hands of your teacher.

Eliana Harvey
Bear Grandmother Calls Her
Sherborne, Dorset

Sacred teachings to guide your intuition and help you solve problems in your day-to-day life

This unique introduction to Native American sacred teachings offers a powerful resource for problem-solving on all fronts, whether at home, at work or in relationships. With Wa-Na-Nee-Che as your guide, you will discover how to communicate with the animals and other sacred archetypes, as they become your teachers and reveal their medicine ways to steer you in everyday life. 

First Look at the book, exploring Eagle, Grandfather Provider and Medicine Wheel

The Apprentice Level

“At the first or apprentice level, your teachers are the Animals. There are twenty-eight, and one of them may become your special helper: we call such helpers Power Animals.

“Most questions at this level will be concerned with discovering how to bring balance and harmony into your life. The Animals will help you with daily challenges of life—setbacks, difficulties in work or in relationships. Remember, however, that they work with
your intuition and inner knowing.

“There will come a point when you feel you have made progress in ordering
your life the way you want it.


Vision • Fearlessness • Expansion


The beaded belt buckle shows Eagle woven into a ceremonial design symbolizing the mystical spirit of all the creatures that follow. In the background are materials from which Eagle has made its nest—usually on a high vantage point: here the sunlight sparkles on fresh snow. Eagle has dropped one of its secondary feathers; the primary feathers are whiter, with speckles and dark tips. However, all Eagle feathers are considered sacred and are used in ceremonies, in the form of fans or as part of clothing.


In the Native American tradition, Eagle is the most sacred of birds: it is the one that flies the highest, in order to reach Grandfather Sun, Great Spirit. Eagle feathers also hold potency, and are given in honor of acts of courage.

They are sacred tools used for blessings, prayers, and cleansing the aura. However, some Eagles are now declining species and are protected: except for certain tribal people, therefore, it is illegal to own Eagle feathers.

Native people have always found profound teaching in the creatures that surround them, and medicine people can communicate with the spirits of the creatures who help them in many ways. Because of its strength and ability to soar, plus its acute vision, Eagle is connected with the Creator, Great Spirit. Eagle medicine lifts us into the realm of spirit, brings us illumination, insight, and clear vision concerning our life and the path ahead—visible from those heights.

Eagle vision can see the truth of our own heart, and can also see into the hearts of others. Eagle helps us to look clearly at our own shadow and brings insight, guiding us to make changes, or find healing.

The great strength and fearlessness of Eagle brings courage to face life’s challenges. Eagle rides the winds, reminding us that we, too, can spread our wings and find freedom. We can ride above narrow, restricting situations as soon as we find the courage to deal with them.

Eagle also brings freedom from any inhibiting ideas we may have about who we truly are. If we have only identified with our “little self,” we need to deal with it with humor and compassion. But Eagle reminds us that our “larger self” is a being connected with light and all things.


Eagle’s Message

Eagle tells you to call upon Eagle spirit to lift you into the
sunlit realms, and gives you the opportunity to awaken your
inner and outer visions. It is offering you gifts of
courage and freedom.

Now is the time to take flight and use the gifts that Eagle has brought you. Eagle also emphasizes male activity: this
tells you that it is time to take action.

If Eagle happens to come to you reversed, you may have been too involved in material concerns or have allowed negative thoughts to predominate. It is time to reconnect with
spirit and relax. Take courage and fly.

Lift your vision to Eagle’s high vantage point. From here, you can see more clearly both the pitfalls and the opportunities that lie ahead, and as you look into the past with objectivity, you will be able to learn from your previous mistakes.

The Student Level

“For this level, I have chosen the elders, seven Grandfathers and seven Grandmothers from different tribes and areas of Turtle Island, to be your next teachers. They may be called on for their abilities and personal qualities, and will take you forward in a particular way, bringing gifts that are authentic, sacred ceremonial objects made from the simple
things of Mother Earth.

“The questions at this level will be concerned with deepening your
understanding and spiritual growth.

Grandfather Provider

GIFT: Sweetgrass


Sweetgrass, a long grass, grows in hidden places, where there is sufficient moisture. It is becoming quite rare now, owing to the increased use of the remaining lands for ranching, farming, or spreading cities. Sweetgrass is traditionally braided, symbolizing the weaving together of all that is good, gentle, and pure in life. When it burns, it gives off a wonderfully sweet-smelling smoke.
It retains its aroma for up to a year, and is used for many
blessing ceremonies.


A soft rustling in a thicket nearby alerts you. Suddenly, a mounted hunter dashes out in pursuit of a deer, and the arrow soon finds its mark. The hunter kneels to pray, thanking the deer’s spirit for offering its life so that his people may live. This is Grandfather Provider, a Ute hunter from western Colorado.

“Come to my camp; we will share food. Our training starts in childhood: we must learn to be aware of every sound, every smell, every tiny movement in the surroundings; to feel things long before we see them, to sit for hours if necessary. We learn to respect all life—we learn of our responsibilities.

“But the greatest teachers are the animals themselves. We watch them, we watch their tracks, what they hunt and eat. Our knowledge of healing herbs and roots was the gift we received from the animals.

“Whenever we need to provide for our tribe or family, we prepare first by seeking advice from our Power Animals, or perform a ceremony to call upon the energy of the animals, explaining our intentions—which must be for good reasons. After the hunt, we give thanks to the animal for giving up its life energy for us. In fact, the animals will tell you which of their family is willing to sacrifice its life for humankind.


Grandfather Provider’s Message

“The teaching I have for you is, to have gratitude and respect for all life and all that is given to you. Take nothing for granted; in all areas of life, take only what you need, and nothing more. Providers must ensure that every- one is fed before eating themselves. What kind of provider are you for those in your care? The provider must determine the need—spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical. Nurture, love, happiness, and security—such are the needs of everyone. How do you care for yourself? Do you eat wholesome food, take enough exercise and rest, give yourself quiet time to reflect, meditate, and nurture your inner being?

“Take this purifying, protective sweetgrass. It is healing medicine, and it also provides nests for small creatures and food for animals. Its sweet fragrance fills the air, bringing you a time of gentleness—like sitting in a meadow, at peace with the whole of nature and the world.

“If sweetgrass comes reversed, it may be telling you that you are lacking in both gratitude and responsibility. Are you faltering in your duty to care for a parent or child, a husband or wife, a friend, employee, or student? Life is a precious gift. Too often, we ignore this gift by frittering away a lifetime on pointless activities. Life is short, but it can be sweet if we walk a path of beauty, harmony, and gratitude.”

The Elder Level

“The third and last level of attainment is the elder level. At this stage, we work with four archetypal symbols called Totems: Sweat Lodge, Drum, Medicine Wheel, and Totem Pole. Drum is universal, and speaks to us of the primal rhythms and vibrations that form solid matter. Sweat Lodge reminds us that the Great Mother, Mother Earth, births us all. Medicine Wheel is the circle of creation, the unity of all living things, and the promise of the evolution of the spirit. Totem Pole teaches us to stand tall in our truth, grounded in the Earth and in the honoring of all those who have gone before. At the elder level, you become more aware of these four creative sources of power.

“The questions at this level will be more focused on how you may help your brothers and sisters, and care for Mother Earth, in addition to taking full responsibility for your life. This enables an elder to make clear-sighted choices, instead of being at the mercy of events or other people’s reactions.

Medicine Wheel

Seeing • Understanding • Energy


A sacred enclosure of about 40 feet (12 m) in diameter is formed by twenty-four stones placed in a circle, within which traditional ceremonies and rituals take place. Some ancient wheels still remain on what is considered “holy” ground. New medicine wheels are being built, however. The one pictured here has four central stones which mark the central fire. The fire represents Great Spirit; the lines of light, warmth, and energy radiate outwards to the wheel and the people attending the ceremonies.


The Medicine Wheel card brings the gifts of seeing, and of understanding how you are faring on life’s journey, especially through knowledge and intellect. This medicine circle, or wheel, is life force energy—a blueprint for life’s experiences. We come into this world at a given point and travel in a circular way, returning to where we entered; then we go “home.”

Our life’s journey shows us many paths and lessons leading to the completion of a round. The wheel has many points of energy on its circumference. As you realize this, you will use it to discover your own unique pathway—your sacred direction. You are your own counselor and teacher, aided by the wisdom of both the animals and the elders.

Wa-Na-Nee-Che invites you to walk some way beyond his campfire. “This ancient wheel, such as you might find on the land, is huge, with many stones and spokes. Each tribe has its own version of the wheel. The wheel we are using for the card spread is a non-tribal ‘Rainbow’ wheel, suitable for all people. In the center is perfect balance, and connection with the Source of All, Great Spirit. All other forms of creation are on the rim of the wheel. We travel around the wheel to gain life experience, returning periodically to the center to integrate our lessons.
Be open to receive the understanding and gifts that are
coming to you.

Medicine Wheel’s Message

“This is a wonderful place to pray, meditate, drum, ask for healing, or enter the vision world. After this ceremony, go on to the Medicine Wheel Spread. The ceremonies I give you are within your wheel, which can be laid out inside or outside. You will be safe there.

“This card also clarifies the changes you will need to make to become a fully integrated being. While balancing mind with emotions, and matter with spirit, refer to the Medicine Wheel diagram and decide where you are unbalanced.
Learn this wheel, so that you are familiar with the
qualities of each direction.

“If the Medicine Wheel appears reversed, look for serious or long-term imbalances. For example, you may be overusing, or overrating, your critical or analytical faculties—the North. Or perhaps you are refusing to listen to your heart and feelings—the South. Maybe you have become too materialistic, or overburdened with the struggle for survival—the West. And you have forgotten that you are also spirit—the East. In any case, it is important to remember to always look across the wheel at the opposite direction, to find the qualities you need in order to restore balance.”

This unique introduction to Native American sacred teachings offers a powerful resource for problem-solving on all fronts, whether at home, at work or in relationships.

With Eliana Harvey and Wa-Na-Nee-Che as your guides, you will discover how to communicate with the animals and other sacred archetypes, as they become your teachers and reveal their medicine ways to steer you in your everyday life.

Use the Animal, Grandfather/Grandmother and Totem cards for healing and to develop your intuitive abilities, as you progress through three levels of learning. Their age-old wisdom will help you to live in harmony with yourself, and with all living things around you.

Publication date: 18th October 2018
ISBN: 9781859062456
Price: £24.99

(Ps – You can use the ISBN to order from ANY bookshop!)




Eliana Harvey is a therapist and writer with a deep interest in Native American culture and tradition. She is the founder of Shamanka, a unique school of women’s shamanism, and has been involved in the spiritual path since 1960.
Visit her website at:

Wa-Na-Nee-Che descends from a long line of medicine men and shamans. He is one of the few remaining Native Americans willing to share the original wisdom of the old way of life, and offers sacred teachings appropriate to the western world in seminars and workshops.

First look at The Spirit of Nature Oracle

First look at The Spirit of Nature Oracle

Welcome to The Spirit of Nature Oracle.  When you look at the wonderful paintings that adorn these cards you may see faces looking back at you. They all belong to one of the oldest spirits of the natural world – the Green Man. Images of this extraordinary being are found as far away as Brazil, but most often in medieval Cathedrals across Europe – set there by the masons who built these vast stone forests. Wherever you go to encounter the natural world – to your garden, to a park, or to the deepest countryside, the Green Man is there, waiting to open a deeper awareness of nature and the world around us. 

John Matthews

The Green Man is Back! 

Re-released as The Spirit of Nature Oracle, this ever popular deck is inspired by the beauty and nature of the Celtic Ogam tree alphabet. This oracle will help you gain new and profound levels of awareness about yourself, your relationships and where you are headed. 


It is wise to listen to the voices of trees,’ wrote the second-century Roman author Tacitus, ‘for they tell us much that we might otherwise forget.’ Trees have been seen as the holders of memory, and the stewards of tradition, from the earliest times; they preserve age-old lore and wisdom within themselves and in artefacts made from them. Whether we imagine individual trees or the great dark forests of northern Europe, the lore and imagery of the woods have become both iconic and emblematic. Pieces of bark, even stones, inscribed with letters from the ancient Celtic alphabet known as Ogam have been used to arrive at divinatory readings for at least 1,600 years, while actual trees have been considered sacred by most cultures at one time or another for a much longer period.



First Look:

From the book



No one knows their fate



Fate is a door that can swing in both directions. We may endeavour to know what our own personal fate is going to be, but to do this can be a double-edged sword. Who has not wondered what the future holds in store, only to be brought up short with the thought that to know such things changes everything, effectively taking away our freedom of choice? True fate comes from recognizing each moment for what it contains, and acknowledging a fated or fateful chance that brings us closer to the path we are meant to be walking. Fate is not written in stone, however, for we have choices which open up before us every day. Neither does fate control which of the paths we take, for it merely guides us towards the realization of our potential. To understand this brings strength and an age-old wisdom that teaches us how to live in harmony with the circumstances that fate may have put in front of us. If you draw this card, think what it is that is truly motivating you.


The oak has been called the first among trees – not surprisingly, since it is often the tallest and most imposing in any grove. In Britain it is frequently called the royal oak, while to the Druids (whose name means ‘Oak Wisdom’) it was the central tree of their mysteries, acknowledged in Ireland as the tree sacred to the Dagda, father god of Celtic tradition who, like the oak itself, never failed to give hospitality to all who asked for it. Appearances of the oak in myth and folklore are so numerous that it was clearly recognized as a sacred tree from the earliest times; indeed, it was held in the highest honour by the Norse people and the Greeks, for whom the oak represented Thor and Zeus respectively. The use of oak wood in shipbuilding – from Jason’s great ship Argo, which had a branch from the sacred oak of Dodona in its hull, to the floating castles built to defend Britain from the French armada – has added to its reputation for strength and endurance. ‘Hearts of oak are our ships, hearts of oak are our men,’
runs the old song.



Destiny moves us to do great things




Our destiny is not fixed or unalterable, nor is it already woven into a picture. Like the spinning spider, whose long supporting threads create the web’s shape, we also need to discover the framework of our lives. When we have learned to find and follow the thread of our destiny, we can begin weaving around the supporting threads of our life story. To understand the nature of our destiny, we can observe our life’s work and experience, our aims, gifts and desires. Our greatest achievements have come about when the thread shaped itself without our thinking about it, when thought, mind and soul were one. The wisdom of the Green Man encourages us to follow our deepest desires, in order that our destiny can reveal itself in the outer world.



The spindle gets its name from its primary purpose – the making of spindles for use in weaving. This has given it a powerful association with the weaving of destiny, bringing into its sphere the deities connected with the sacred arts of spinning and weaving. The weavers of Norse mythology (the Norns) had close connections with the spindle, as did their Greek counterparts, the Fates, who spun, wove and cut off the thread of life. The symbolism was the same in each case: these goddesses wove the thread of each human life into a vast tapestry representing the whole of creation, and by cutting the threads of a living person they could instantly end that life. Stories tell how certain heroes found their way into the underground caverns where the destiny goddess dwelled and were able to change the direction of their fate by reweaving or unweaving part of the tapestry, yet the pattern was said to be so complex that only the goddesses could follow a single thread. Spindle also has an association with childbirth, probably recalling the destiny woven for every child before it is even born. The Fates themselves sometimes assisted at heroes’ births.



Vision lights the way ahead




Vision sees beyond the surface of things. It allows the perceptions to grow wiser and the heart to see further than it otherwise might do. Every day we see a surface appearance of reality that can be both reassuring and misleading. Because it seems normal, it tells us that everything is exactly as it should be, but this can be no more than a swift observation that looks no deeper. Vision helps us to look further, to see past the surface of things and into the heart of reality, where truth is revealed. With this help, we are better able to find the answers to our questions, to see beyond the easy option to the more difficult (but more rewarding) truth that often hides itself from us. With the support of the Green Man himself, and the visionary perception revealed to us through the power of Apple, we are advised to go deeper into truth than we have ever done before, thereby revealing the true meaning of events that might otherwise have
seemed baffling or impenetrable.


Apples are associated with immortality and the paradise of the other- world. In Greek myth, the gardens of the Hesperides were said to contain a mighty golden apple tree, goddess Gia’s gift to her daughter Hera on her marriage to Zeus. The fruit of this tree could restore life to the dead and heal those in need of it. It was guarded by a serpent, and by nine goddesses who formed a protective ring about it and sang sweet songs. Hercules had to steal three apples from the tree as one of his twelve labours, though this caused such anger among the gods that they were later returned. In Celtic myth, the hero Lugh was dispatched to collect apples from a Tree of Light that grew in the otherworld. Biblical tradition turned many of the beliefs regarding the sacredness of the apple and its fruit upside down by making the apple tree in the Garden of Eden not only a source of wisdom but also a contributory factor in the Fall of Adam and Eve. Beneath this lies a fear of the visionary gifts of the fruit, which give people
too much knowledge.

The Green Man is an ancient and popular icon of the natural world – the very spirit of nature. Here, in this remarkable pack, his tree wisdom and the Celtic Ogam tree alphabet combine to bring you an oracle of immense power.

The beautifully illustrated deck of 25 cards depicts each of the trees that make up this ancient Celtic alphabet. The Green Man is present in every image – sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden – inviting you to enter his world. You will discover tree lore, myths and symbolism, and you will learn the innermost meaning of each card, and how this age-old knowledge can guide you in your life today.

Publication date: 27 September 2018
ISBN: 978-1-85906-275-3
Price: £24.99

(Ps – You can use the ISBN to order from ANY bookshop!)


John Matthews is a leading authority on Grail and Arthurian legends and Celtic literature, myths and traditions. The author of a number of successful divinatory systems based on early spiritual beliefs, he has also acted as advisor on several motion pictures, including Jerry Bruckheimer’s King Arthur. Visit:

Will Worthington has worked as an illustrator for the last thirty years. He has contributed his distinctive art to many titles, including The Wildwood Tarot, The Druid Plant Oracle and The DruidCraft Tarot.

An Introduction to ‘Healing Body Meditations’ with Steve Nobel

An Introduction to ‘Healing Body Meditations’ with Steve Nobel

We invite you to discover our audio meditation guides, here to accompany our new Mandala book: Healing Body Meditations.

Recorded by author Steve Nobel, this introduction to the book and accompanying meditations walk you through the chakras and give you guidance on meditation.

Watch the introduction here

Listen to Steve Nobel’s calming voice, sit down, close your eyes and focus on your inner strength. 


Connecting with Feelings

(Opens in Youtube)

Opening to Wholeness

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Healing body meditations, 30 mandalas to enhance your health and wellbeing.

 I want to talk to you briefly, about the basic principle behind this innovative book of healing meditations, and the transformational power of imagery, of symbols.

 Why are symbols important? Well, as Carl Young pointed out, they emerge from our highest aspirations, and also from our deepest psychic roots.

 Prehistoric cave paintings, remind us, that symbols have been with us since the dawn of civilization. In our modern world, we are constantly surrounded by symbols.

 We do not, however, always grasp, the far-reaching daily effects, symbols and metaphors have on us; their power to influence us has long been known to advertisers, which is my millions have been spent to find the right symbolic messages to shape our buying habits.

 In our complex inner lives, symbolism is an internal language, whereby, our unconscious minds, attempts to communicate meaning to us. Many books have been writing on interpreting dream symbology. What is not so often considered, is that symbolic language is a two-way street. That means, not only our unconscious mind seeks to speak to us, but we can learn to speak back.

 Using symbols, we can help to enrich many aspects of our lives. It can help to enhance our peace of mind, our vitality, and also, help to generate healing, which is, our course, what this book is all about.

 I was introduced to the incredible power of symbols in my early 30s when I began studying different magical systems. I learned the power of meditation, and how to also, use simple rituals and symbols for healing, and personal empowerment.

I learned the focusing on different symbols, had different effects on my psychological state. For instance, it is quite hard to feel depressed or upset while focusing on a symbol such as a field of golden sunflowers, glowing in the midday sun.

Symbols cannot only change our psychological state, they can activate resources deeply held in our conscious mind. One method, that’s quite commonly practised nowadays, is to meditate on the chakras; seeing them as different coloured flowers, opening from the base of the spine to the top of the head. This book has many similar practices that can be employed to access the miraculous healing power of the body.

The 30 healing mandala meditations in this book, have been specially devised to address the meditators relationship with his or her own body, with symptoms such as pain, fatigue, or anxiety.

Meditation is a time honoured way to settle our anxiety and fears. It does this by concentrating our mind upon essentials, the underlying rightness of our being, right now, in the universe.

Meditation helps us physical feel more at ease, and it’s through this sense of peacefulness, that the body starts to heal itself; throwing off the tensions, fatigues, and toxins that have accumulated during everyday life.

Key health benefits have been observed over time, including: stress reduction, improved sleep, lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular function, and even improved immunity.

 The mandalas in this book are meditation tools to help you enhance your health and wellbeing. Apart from the specific benefits described for many of them, they’re all intended to provide a positive foundation for healing. These mandalas are far from traditional in their imagery, their unusual feature is that they are focused on a particular body part, or system. The idea is to encourage acceptance of the body and all of its processes.

 Often, when we are ill, we shy away from our physical body, and particularly the idea that it’s troubling us. To engage in an accepting relationship with the fact of our illness and all our symptoms, is to take one step towards health.

 One of the principles of this book, is the idea that healing energy, can be summoned by the mind, and directed where needed by the power of the imagination; expressed at it simplest, bringing hopeful feelings on a symptom or body part, can only be beneficial, since hope and positive energy is the opposite of anxiety. Anxiety can only make us feel worse, and can only cause or exacerbate an illness.

 Hope and positive energy, on the other hand, makes us feel stronger; puts us in a better frame of mind to receive the body’s natural healing. Positive energy is also related to power of intention, or the law of attraction, as it’s often called. By visualising a goal, we can increase our change of attaining it.

 If we can visual positive healing and energy, bathing for example, a wound of some kind, we can accelerate the healing.

 Follow your intuitive judgement in selecting any of the mandalas in this book. It may not have any obvious connection with the body part or systems you are concerned about, but there may be something in the imagery that draws you. Always trust your intuition.

– Steve Nobel

An Introduction to The Tui Na Manual

An Introduction to The Tui Na Manual


Tui Na: Massage To Awaken Body And Mind 

This clear, step-by-step guide introduces Tui Na, a Chinese system of therapy that uses massage and manipulation to relieve pain, release tension and treat common ailments.

Clear illustrations outline the meridian energy channels and qi (life energy) points, while step-by-step photographs demonstrate each technique. Ideal for improving sporting performance, alleviating executive stress or simply invigorating body and mind, Tui Na can be used on friends, family or colleagues, at home or at work, and is suitable for any age, young or old.

A Note From The Author

I discovered Tui Na during my own personal quest for a therapy to relieve crippling pain.

As a child I suffered from a degenerative disease that affected my hip. While living in Indonesia for four years, I discovered the healing powers of deep oriental massage, and trained as a massage therapist. As the years went by, standing and walking even for short distances caused me pain. In 1987, Western medicine could only offer me painkillers and a hip replacement operation.

But instead of going to hospital for surgery, I travelled to China to learn Tui Na. The skilful, patient doctors of traditional medicine gave me the treatment and tuition that I needed and opened a wonderful new chapter in my life.

At that time, few people in the West had heard of Tui Na, although acupuncture and herbal medicine were available. So extraordinary was Tui Na’s effect on me, it became my mission in life to bring it within the reach of everyone in the West. I studied, worked and travelled back to China time and again to learn Tui Na and acupuncture from Chinese doctors in hospitals and clinics in Shanghai, Weihai, Xi’an, Beijing and Jinan.

In response to a growing interest in Tui Na and acupuncture, I established the teaching side of the BODYHARMONICS® Centre, where we run regular training courses. Over the decades, I have trained hundreds of students in Tui Na and acupuncture (

I have treated many people with disabling conditions where other forms of medicine could do little to help and have found that there is a real alternative to living on painkillers or having surgery. Tui Na has changed my life and the lives of many of my patients, and also my students and their patients. I hope that it can do the same for you.

Maria Mercati is an internationally renowned teacher and therapist in Tui Na, Thai massage, acupuncture and Indonesian massage. Having trained extensively throughout Asia, she founded BODYHARMONICS®, an integrated approach to therapy which blends Chinese, Thai and Indonesian treatment methods to promote health and harmony.

Tui Na massage applies pressure to the meridians and specific points on them called ‘qi-points’ or acupressure points. Acupuncturists call them ‘acupoints’. Tui Na affects the flow of qi so that it moves freely, evenly and powerfully around the body. The distribution and intensity of qi within your body have profound effects on all aspects of your well-being – the emotional, intellectual and spiritual, as well as the physical.

Chinese medicine views all disease as caused by weakness, imbalances and blockages in the flow of qi. When your qi-flow is balanced you feel full of energy, stress-free and able to cope with the pressures of daily life. You will be free from stiffness, aches and pains, and so full of vitality that you ‘sparkle’. Hopefully, most of us have experienced this wonderful feeling of well-being at some point in our lives. The secret of Chinese medicine is how to maintain it.



Many physical and emotional factors disturb the flow of qi in the body, and these can be divided into two broad categories: excesses or deficiencies. Excesses, common in the Western lifestyle, include stress, overwork and general overindulgence, while common deficiencies are poor diet, insufficient exercise and lack of sleep. Pressure to cope with deadlines, be successful and achieve status within a peer group can create an imbalance between the output necessary to reach your goals and the input that will restore mind and body. Such an imbalance can lead to overconsumption of sugar-rich foods and stimulants such as coffee or fizzy drinks to enhance the ‘output’. Alcohol, recreational drugs and even too much sex can be substitutes for relaxation.

In the Chinese view, extreme emotions negatively affect organ function and qi balance throughout the body. It’s healthy to experience emotion, but too much excitement can overstimulate the flow of qi, causing feelings of restlessness and insomnia, for example, while holding on to worry, feelings of anger and frustration can lead to depression. These relationships are explained in chapter 2.

All excesses and deficiencies are disruptive to the qi-balancing process. In contrast, good sleep, relaxation, regular exercise, good diet and happy relationships all promote and strengthen the smooth flow of qi.

Although the ideal is to create balance and harmony in every aspect of our lives, this can be extremely difficult to maintain. Tui Na is a powerful way of helping to achieve that balance and harmony.



Tui Na works holistically to promote qi-flow throughout the body. A practitioner will ask questions about a patient’s health and lifestyle, while observing their physical condition. This will reveal their qi, jing, shen, blood, body fluid and yin/yang status (see pages 16–17) so that appropriate meridians and qi-points can be the focus of the Tui Na treatment.

For musculoskeletal pain, the practitioner palpates the painful areas to identify the most affected meridians and the qi-points that must be used for the treatment. During the massage, feedback from the patient on what feels good, or painful, guides the practitioner to the qi- points and the amount of pressure to use.




Throughout China, Tui Na is practised from cradle to old age. Babies and younger children do not have fully mature meridian systems, and additional points and techniques have been developed for them. It is a very safe therapy: if pressure is applied in the wrong place, for example, it may not achieve the desired results
but no harm will be done. Massage treatment may not be suitable, however, for people with certain serious health conditions (see page 62 for contraindications).

In this book, wherever a treatment described is contraindicated for certain conditions, it carries a caution note.

Tui Na’s unique techniques that focus on the meridians and specific qi-points make it particularly effective for treating muscle and joint pain resulting from sports injury, wear and tear, arthritis or any other cause. All massage therapies aid relaxation, but, in addition to relaxing the muscles, Tui Na also manipulates qi-flow in the meridians and their qi-points to balance the underlying energetics of the body to achieve healing and regeneration.


Tui Na has the power to boost energy where there is qi and blood deficiency, as well as to clear blockages that have caused qi and blood stagnation.

Tui Na is excellent for a variety of ailments and conditions, including stress-related disorders. It also boosts vitality and well-being, which in turn stimulates the immune system and improves general health.

This book shows you useful techniques to help relieve pain and the symptoms of many common ailments. However, it does not replace professional healthcare and you should always consult a qualified practitioner or doctor if symptoms persist.



The massage is best given through cotton clothing to facilitate its effectiveness. Traditional Tui Na techniques do not require the use of oils. The room should be warm. During the massage, the receiver either sits on an upright chair or lies on a massage couch, depending on which part of the body is being treated. Chapter 5, page 82, explains preparing for treatment in more detail.

To be effective, many Tui Na techniques are vigorous and need to be applied with reasonable pressure. If there is a significant problem, they will initially feel slightly uncomfortable or even painful. This discomfort will ease as the massage progresses and more qi and blood are brought to the affected area to remove stagnation. After the treatment, the tissues and muscles should feel relaxed, invigorated and less painful.

Uniquely, Tui Na, with its focus on meridians and qi-points, stimulates the entire musculoskeletal system, while also supporting healthy function of all the internal organs. Since Tui Na rebalances qi-flow, the mind and the emotions will also be affected. In most cases, a Tui Na treatment will leave the recipient feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. The massage can sometimes release blocked emotions, with the effect that the receiver may feel ‘weepy’ or emotional after the treatment. If this should happen, the Chinese way is to acknowledge these emotions, and then to let them go.

This book explains the Chinese view of health and the causes of disease, and shows you how to give a holistic whole-body Tui Na treatment to a partner, as well as techniques for treating common ailments and conditions. Chapter 2 explains the theories of traditional Chinese medicine and how these differ from the Western medical approach.

In Chapter 3, the twelve meridians and their energetic relationships (and the two ‘extraordinary’ ones used in Tui Na) are illustrated and explained, with clear descriptions to enable you to find the qi-points – the points on the meridians where qi can be most easily manipulated.

Chapter 4 concentrates on the basic techniques used in Tui Na massage. It starts with soft tissue techniques: applying either static pressure or pressure with movement to the body tissues, in order to improve qi and blood flow to strengthen the body and remove stagnation. These soft tissue techniques include pulling, pushing, squeezing and kneading. The second part of chapter 4 deals with joint manipulation techniques, which are similar to those used in osteopathy and chiropractice but give the added benefit of regulating qi and blood flow. You will need to familiarize yourself with all the techniques so that you can apply them when they are used in the treatments in chapters 5 and 6.

The whole-body routine presented in chapter 5 provides step-by-step instructions for giving a Tui Na treatment to a partner. The routine starts with treatments on the neck and shoulders, and then works on the arms, back, legs and feet, ending with Tui Na on the trunk and head.

One of the strengths of Tui Na is its application to muscle and joint injury, as described in chapter 6. This chapter also presents treatments for some common ailments and conditions, and Tui Na that is particularly suitable for infants, adolescents and the elderly. There are some techniques and qi-points that you can use effectively on yourself. These are described in a self-massage routine, which, used daily, will increase your energy levels, boost your immune system and promote health and well-being.

This has been an Excerpt from The Tui Na Manual by Maria Mercati.

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Price: £14.99
ISBN: 978-1-85906-411-5


Tui Na: Massage to awaken body and mind

Maria Mercati

This clear, step-by-step guide introduces Tui Na, a Chinese system of therapy that uses massage and manipulation
to relieve pain, release tension and treat common ailments. Clear illustrations outline the meridian energy channels and qi (life energy) points, while step-by-step photographs demonstrate each technique. Ideal for improving sporting performance, alleviating executive stress or simply invigorating body and mind, Tui Na can be used on friends, family or colleagues, at home or at work, and is suitable for any age, young or old.

Price: £14.99
ISBN: 978-1-85906-411-5