Autumn 2019 Catalogues

Autumn 2019 Catalogues

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Out Now! The Ketogenic & Hypotoxic Diet

Out Now! The Ketogenic & Hypotoxic Diet

Out Now! The Ketogenic & Hypotoxic Diet

Lose weight and improve health with this low-carb, high-fat, anti-inflammatory plan

Combining the fat-burning results of ketosis with the anti-inflammatory benefits of a hypotoxic diet, this healthy-eating plan stimulates weight loss, boosts energy and supports the immune system. According to the latest scientific research, it can help combat many common conditions, including migraines, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia and more.

This essential guide explains how the diet works and helps you get started, featuring key foods and their benefits, creative recipes, ideas for meal plans and tailored programmes according to dietary requirements and specific goals.



  • Discover the health benefits of key ingredients and how to incorporate them in your diet
  • Includes customized ketogenic plans for vegetarians and vegans
  • Join the ketogenic diet revolution and start transforming your life today!


So what does Hypotoxic mean?

It’s often assumed that the ketogenic diet involves a high consumption of fatty meat and full-fat dairy products, such as butter, cheese and cream. In fact, to be beneficial for our health, a ketogenic diet has to be hypotoxic.

Fatty meat and full-fat dairy are major sources of toxins and are pro-inflammatory, with fats high in arachidonic acid, trans fats (as in pro-oxidant grilled meat), casein (in cheese, for example, which has a detrimental effect on the intestinal lining), leucine and antibiotics. So it’s impossible for these foods to be beneficial for our health.

It’s important therefore to adopt a ketogenic diet that is fundamentally hypotoxic. This aspect of the diet is vital for our health. Say yes to fats – but not to just any kind!

The three main principles of the ketogenic and hypotoxic diet are as follows:

Proteins, carefully chosen
and moderately consumed

All toxins, such as pollutants, heavy metals, antibiotic residues and pesticides, accumulate in animal fats. This is why it’s vital to choose good-quality meat from animals raised organically and fed on grass – not on grains high in pro-inflammatory omega-6s). You can even opt for a vegetarian or vegan diet when following the principles of a hypotoxic ketogenic

Furthermore, animal meats are acidifying, even when the quality is good. They contribute to the acidifying of the body when consumed in excess and without a large helping of green vegetables. They are also a source of pro-inflammatory components, including arachidonic acid, leucine and pro-oxidant iron. Moreover, when cooked to high temperatures (on a grill or barbecue, for instance), animal meats produce carcinogenic substances, as well as ‘glycation end products’, which accelerate ageing and tissue oxidation. For all these reasons, meat should be consumed in moderation. It may even be cut out completely, if you prepare meals instead that are properly balanced in plant proteins – a simple thing to do.

Also, since animal fats accumulate heavy metals, it’s important to opt for small oily fish, such as anchovies or sardines, over large ones, such as tuna and salmon, which, because they have eaten the small ones, are even more concentrated in heavy metals. The heavy metal mercury, for example, is  a powerful neurotoxin found in varying quantities in most fish.

No Dairy Products or Gluten

Cheese, butter, cream and even yogurt contain lactose and galactose, which, when consumed in excess, accumulate in body tissues, in particular in the lens (causing opacification of the lens and risk of cataract) and the nerve sheath (carrying a risk of neuropathy). Another major toxin found in dairy products, even more detrimental to our health, is casein, which disrupts the central nervous system by producing opioid substances and makes the intestinal lining more porous. The consequences of this include concentration problems, mood swings, chronic fatigue, irritable bowels, food intolerance, skin problems, ear, nose and throat problems,  and migraines – not forgetting a weakening and disruption of the immune defences.

Not only that, but dairy products are also pro-inflammatory. They contain hormones and growth promoters, suspected of causing certain cancers and autoimmune diseases (in particular, but not limited to, type 1 diabetes and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis), and inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases.

The ketogenic diet is naturally low in gluten as it excludes grains, pseudo-grains and processed foods (which often contain gluten in the form of additives). Gluten, like casein, acts on the brain receptors with effects similar to opiate drugs, leading to mood swings and an addiction to products containing it. Gluten also belongs to the large group of ‘prolamins’, which constantly attack our intestinal lining. We now understand the importance of keeping this lining healthy due to its crucial role in the development of many diseases.

A mostly organic diet

As stated already, when it comes to meat, it’s best
to choose organic. But this isn’t enough. For obvious health reasons, it’s always preferable to choose plant foods grown in living soil, rich in microorganisms and without added chemicals. In the medium and long terms, and depending on the state of our internal detoxification system, putting chemical and toxic substances into our bodies could have serious consequences on our health and fertility, and impact future generations.

On top of this, organic vegetables are nutritionally much richer in vitamins and minerals and, above all, contain many phytonutrients and powerful anticarcinogens. It’s time to make the right choices for your health and our planet!

The Ketogenic and Hypotoxic Diet:

Lose weight and improve health with this low-carb, high-fat, anti-inflammatory plan

Low in carbohydrates and rich in good fats, the ketogenic diet offers the perfect solution to healthy eating for optimum well-being. But in order to be truly beneficial to our health, it should also be hypotoxic (gluten- and dairy-free, with only moderate amounts of organic animal protein). 
According to the latest scientific research, a hypotoxic ketogenic diet plan can help combat many of the diseases and conditions so prevalent today, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and more. It’s also an effective method for combating obesity and improving athletic performance – making it a win-win approach all round! 
This essential guide explains how the diet works and shows you how to get started. Features key foods and their benefits, creative recipes, ideas for meal plans, and tailored programmes for specific goals.

Spring 2019 New Releases

Spring 2019 New Releases

Spring 2019 New Releases

Find out what Eddison Books will be releasing this Spring / Summer

The Mood Book

Andrea Harrn

With detailed descriptions of 100 moods, emotions, states of mind and quirks of personality, as well as some common mood disorders, this book helps you identify how you are feeling and recognize signs and symptoms. It provides an accessible way to increase your self awareness, enabling you to move forward in a positive way.

£12.99, Paperback
ISBN: 9781859064283
229 x 178mm, 128pp

6 Essential Oils You Can’t Do Without

Danièle Festy

Essential oils possess hard-working properties that provide effective natural remedies. In this easy-to-follow guide you will find 300 amazing remedies and solutions using just six key oils for all your health and beauty concerns, as well as ideas for the home and garden.

£12.99, Paperback
ISBN: 9781859064368
229 x 178mm, 128pp

The Ketogenic & Hypotoxic Diet

Olivia Charlet

This nutrition plan shows you how to get started on a gentle, anti-inflammatory, fat-burning diet that is gluten- and dairy-free. It features key foods and their benefits, creative recipes, meal plans and tailored programmes for specific goals.

£12.99, Paperback
ISBN: 9781859064337
229 x 178mm, 128pp

Natural Painkillers

Dr Yann Rougier and Marie Borrel

From a mild headache to crippling arthritis, pain is part of many people’s everyday experience. But there is a natural alternative to pharmeceutical medication. This essential handbook to potent natural medicine is a painkilling arsenal for combating a huge range of common ailments.

£12.99, Paperback
ISBN: 9781859064375
205 x 148mm, 128pp

Celtic Totem Animals

John Matthews

Here is a fascinating collection of traditional Celtic stories to amaze and entertain. Animal tricksters, boasters and heroes all dwell herein, set amidst the dazzling universe of Celtic lore. Readers can find their own totem animal and seek guidance from 20 totem animal helpers to find answers to life’s questions.

£14.99, Paperback
ISBN: 9781859064436
205 x 148mm, 160pp
20 tear-off cards: 90 x 60 mm

How To Meditate

Charla Devereux

This easy-to-follow guide explains everything you need to know to get started with meditation. Covering the basics from posture and breathing to guided visualizations, single-point meditation and the power of light and silence, the exercises and techniques will help develop meditation skills and find an oasis of calm.

£12.99, Paperback
ISBN: 9781859064382
205 x 148mm, 160pp

For wholesale enquires please contact 

For review copies please contact 

John Matthews at the Watkins Bookstore

John Matthews at the Watkins Bookstore

On the 13th December 2018 catch John Matthews at the Watkins Book Store 

Best selling author John Matthews will be at Watkins Book Store on Thursday 13th December to present The Spirit of Nature Oracle and sign copies.

Watkins Books 19-21 Cecil Court, London, WC2N 4EZ

Watch The Spirit of Nature Oracle
Unboxing and Flip through!

The Green Man is an ancient and popular icon of the natural world–the very spirit of nature. Here in this remarkable deck his tree wisdom and the Celtic Ogam tree alphabet combine to bring you an oracle of immense power.

John Matthews is a leading authority on Grail and Arthurian legends and Celtic literature, myths and traditions. The author of a number of successful divinatory systems based on early spiritual beliefs, he has also acted as advisor on several motion pictures, including Jerry Bruckheimer’s King Arthur.

Will Worthington has worked as an illustrator for the last thirty years. He has contributed his distinctive art to many titles, including The Wildwood Tarot, The Druid Plant Oracle and The DruidCraft Tarot.

The beautifully illustrated deck of 25 cards depicts each of the trees that make up this ancient Celtic alphabet. The Green Man is present in every image – sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden – inviting you to enter his world. You will discover tree lore, myths and symbolism, and you will learn the innermost meaning of each card, and how this age-old knowledge can guide you in your life today.

ISBN: 978-1-85906-275-3

News from Eddison Books

News from Eddison Books

Stéphane Leduc Sells EDITIONS LEDUC.S to Focus on Driving UK Growth

29th November 2018: Editions Leduc.s announces exclusive negotiation with leading French publisher, Albin Michel for acquisition of the business in early 2019.

Stéphane Leduc, CEO and owner of Eddison Books Limited, formerly Eddison Sadd, confirms his intent to sell his French business Editions Leduc.s to Albin Michel. Created in 2003, Editions Leduc.s has grown from strength to strength, developing rapidly in recent years, with a current turnover of approximately 10 M €.

Leduc is stepping away from Editions Leduc.s to concentrate on the growth and development of Eddison Books, lending his expertise in wellbeing, health and personal development to the UK enterprise.

“I am very proud of the business expansion since the creation of Leduc 15 years ago, but equally excited about the opportunity to devote my full attention and focus to the growth and evolution of my UK business,” explains Stéphane Leduc.

Lisa Dyer, managing director, says, “We are now entering a dynamic new phase and exciting times for Eddison.  We will be strategically building on our highly regarded MBS publishing to continue to move forward and create innovative titles that inform, inspire, empower and transform.”

Autumn 2018 New Releases

Autumn 2018 New Releases


Tarot & Oracle
Alternative Therapies

The long, hot summer is over, and autumn has arrived along with a great new selection of titles from Eddison Books.

With the year that has already given us The Good Food Good Mood Cookbook, the fantastic Moon Oracle and Healing Body Meditations, we are excited to present this season’s books.

Tarot & Oracle


27th SEPTEMBER 2018

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the Celtic Ogam tree alphabet, this oracle will help you gain new and profound levels of awareness about yourself, your relationships and where you are headed.

The Spirit of Nature Oracle
ISBN: 9781859062753 |  £24.99

Contains 25 stunning cards which depict the trees that make up the Celtic alphabet. The Spirit of Nature or Green Man is present in every image – sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden – inviting you to enter his world.

In the practical book, discover tree lore, myths and symbolism, understand the deeper meanings of the spreads and integrate their messages into every aspect of your life.

“This is modern druidry
at its best …”
Fred Hageneder, author of The Spirit of Trees and The Heritage of Trees

The Spirit of Nature Oracle
ISBN: 9781859062753 |  £24.99
Out 27th September 2018


18th OCTOBER 2018

A unique and powerful divination system offering an introduction to Native American wisdom and a
journey of self-discovery.

White Eagle Medicine Wheel
ISBN: 9781859062456 |  £24.99

Let yourself be guided by the Animals, Elders and Totem cards for problem-solving, healing, developing your intuition, finding harmony in your life and more.

Two respected authors teach you how to communicate with the various sacred archetypes and forge a spiritual connection with the majesty and mystery of the animal world. 

White Eagle Medicine Wheel
ISBN: 9781859062456 |  £24.99
Out 18th October 2018


8th NOVEMBER 2018

Allow the love and grace of the angels of light into
your life and find the strength and focus to meet
your challenges.

Angels of Light
ISBN: 9781859061701 |  £22.99

A beautiful feminine oracle including 52 angel cards offering guidance, insight and acting as protectors,
helpers and healers.

Includes a very practical book profiling the angels along with accompanying prayers, affirmations, card layouts
offering clarity and direction in your readings and actions
throughout the year. 

Angels of Light
ISBN: 9781859061701 |  £22.99
Out 8th November 2018


6th DECEMBER 2018

Whatever your question, doubt or worry, the 2,000-year-old wisdom of The Celtic Tree Oracle provides remarkable guidance and insight in today’s hectic world. 

The Celtic Tree Oracle

ISBN: 9781859063828 |  £22.99

Within this box lies the secret language of the Celts. Discover this ancient method of communication and means of divination.
This pack includes 25 beautifully illustrated tree cards, a record
sheet and pad.

Each letter embodies the spirit of a tree or plant in the Celtic Ogham (tree) alphabet, here represented on a richly decorated card. This is a bestselling classic work, now reissued as a deluxe edition due to popular demand. 

The Celtic Tree Oracle

ISBN: 9781859063828 |  £22.99
Out 6th December 2018

Alternative Therapies


18th OCTOBER 2018

Relieve stress and tension and return the body to optimum health with this practical step-by-step manual.

The Reflexology Manual
ISBN: 9781859064221 |  £14.99

Clear illustrations show how all the internal body structures and organs are mirrored in the reflex points on the feet and hands, while a step-by-step guide explains how to perform pressure and massage techniques to give a full-body treatment and alleviate a variety of debilitating disorders. There’s also a special section on incorporating chakra work and colour therapy into reflexology sessions, for those who would like to take their practice further. 

The Reflexology Manual
ISBN: 9781859064221 |  £14.99
Out 18th October 2018
More from The Manual Series:


1st NOVEMBER 2018

This practical guide presents 30 essential therapeutic crystals every woman needs.

Healing Crystals for Women
ISBN: 9781859064238 |  £13.99

The book includes clear advice on each crystal’s beneficial properties, plus selection and care and how to use them for maximum effect, with targeted advice for all four stages of womanhood:
infancy, teenage years, adulthood and later life.

Aid sleep, soothe stomach pains, alleviate anxiety, deal with challenges at work and in love, boost fertility, tackle the
menopause – and more! 
Includes handy Q&A section, guidance
on using crystals with chakras, plus quick-reference crystal charts. 

Healing Crystals for Women
ISBN: 9781859064238 |  £13.99
Out 1st November 2018