The Angels of Light is a divinatory oracle designed to connect you to the depth of your wisdom and guidance. It incorporates the help of the spiritual realm through the love and blessing of the angels working on your behalf. The 52 angels included in the deck are symbolic of the higher spiritual forces that guide and support you, and they can help you understand how these forces are working in your life. Part of your connection to the Divine, they assist you in everyday undertakings, as well as helping you to face the major challenges in your life. They can carry you through the instability of change, keeping you on course, stable and strong, and aware of the next right move.

The purpose of angels is to bring humanity closer to the Divine through guidance, support and love. They help us manage our lives with a strong spiritual anchor and a positive, life-affirming spirit. The psychic patterns unfolding in our lives show up in the oracle card readings; there are no ‘bad’ cards, or ‘negative’ angels. Remember: every experience we have helps us to grow, develop confidence, and trust in the Divine. Angels infuse our spirit with strength and courage to face the traumas, losses and separations we experience in life. They show us the good in every situation and encourage us to harvest out all negativity. They want us to become strong, loving and compassionate – people who can forgive and bring kindness to others.

The angels offer us blessings to see us well. They help us flourish and thrive. They do not punish, shame or criticize us – they strive for us to develop self-worth, empowerment and self-acceptance, so we can allow more goodness to come to us. They teach us we are meant to have good things happen, and that we have a right to do well and be happy. They support us in claiming our good.

Living life without a spiritual anchor or moral compass is like a ship caught in the throes of a storm, left to the fate of the elements; it is helpless to forge its way under its own sail. Angels guide us through these choppy waters, helping us make wise choices for our good. Our lives work better when we align our spirit with that of the Divine; direct messengers from the heavenly realm, the angels work with us, as we mature to forge that indelible connection.

Angels: Here to Help

There are a plethora of angels in this card oracle, each of whom represents a force for goodness. They are eager to touch your spirit, awaken your soul and guide you forward in the direction of a good life. Harbingers of love and messengers of healing, angels show us that we don’t have to face life’s challenges alone, bringing us divine goodness on all occasions and helping us to meet our responsibilities with enthusiasm. Whether seeking financial help, relationship sup- port, parental guidance or advice on health issues, we need only to know we are worthy of the help we seek, and to ask for it. We can call upon the angels to stand by us as we move through life.

When we acknowledge the spiritual realm and its profound ability to influence our lives, we create a strong connection to these spiritual allies who help us kindle our own inner light. They guide us to become extraordinary beings, able to do our best and help heal the world around us. If we allow their higher vibration of goodness into our hearts, they will offer us the power of healing, the necessity of forgiveness, and the triumph of unconditional love.

To receive their spiritual gifts, and benefit from their grace, does not require a methodology or strict adherence to a religious principle. Angels don’t take sides; their understanding is that everyone has their own lessons to learn, and the power of the Divine is there to help. They love us irrespective of what we have done or who we think we are. They love us when we are immature, egotistical or depressed. They work to get through to our higher consciousness every way they can. When we fail to petition the spiritual realm for help, we become burdened with the gravity that negativity creates, with its downward spiral. Our work is to harvest out this negativity – to release anger, fear, doubt and self-loathing, and stop resisting the angels’ offer of goodness. The more we love ourselves, and respect and honour our choices for good, the easier it is for them to align their spirit with ours. 


Ambika Wauters
Tucson, Arizona, December 2016

Invocational Prayer

Beloved angels who guard my spirit and guide me forward, please protect me while I open myself to receive your guidance and love. In thanks for your love and light. Amen.

Unboxing & Flip Through 
In this calming video, we open up the Angels of Light Oracle, look through the book and flip through the 52 beautifully decorated oracle cards 

First Look at the book, exploring 
The Angel of Security, The Angel of Alchemy 
and The Angel of Shyness

The Angel of Security


I am secure and protected by Divine love.



We are secure in the arms of love. When we allow our light to shine, all we need and desire begins to manifest and comes to us. When we open our heart to love, we create an invisible protection that gives us security. Security is not an amount of money, or protective walls; it is knowing we are divinely provided for in endless ways that ensure our well-being, health and happiness.

Give thanks for divine security and share your light with others. Giving to others keeps you stable in your divine connection.
It helps you expand your limits and teaches you
about true security.


We call on the Angel of Security to help define our boundaries, and to teach us how we can thrive and prosper using our talents and gifts to support us doing what we love. Spiritual consciousness shows us how we can support the foundations of the world by giving to those who have less security than we do. Security is a state of inner knowing that is not about material wealth. It comes from our innermost awareness that all is well that we are loved and protected by the Divine in all situations, at all times. We are truly blessed by divine goodness, and that is our security.


Beloved Angel of Security, thank you for offering me a safe haven from the storms of life. I give thanks for the security that gives me the opportunity to express my talents and
gifts to the world.

The Angel of Alchemy


As I think more positive thoughts, I make better choices for my life. I support others in doing the same.


Alchemy turns the negative and difficult situations in your life into the gold of wisdom and the diamond of truth. It opens the mind to realize higher truths that honour the spirit and love the self, embracing all its limitations and accepting the lessons of challenges. Alchemy is rethinking your attitudes about life, choosing to see the cup half full instead of half empty.

When you start the alchemical process of transforming yourself, you are carried across the abyss of failure onto a new shore where you can express your being and thrive. Alchemy is the manifestation of the power of positive thoughts into the goodness of your life. You take charge of your life when you redefine every situation you’ve experienced with gratitude.


We call on the Angel of Alchemy to assist us in the healing process of redefining ourselves. We release self-loathing and replace it with self- love. We forgive any ill will we have absorbed from others, and we release and bless anyone who ever hurt us. This is how we kindle light and transform ourselves into mature, wise and loving beings who make the world better for everyone. Only through positive actions and loving spirits does healing alchemy happen.


Beloved Angel of Alchemy, help me transform all negativity into the power of love and the affirmation of divine grace, so I may do good in the world.

Angel of Sweet Shyness


I protect my inner light by honouring my sweet shyness. I shield my talents and gifts till I am strong enough to share them with the world.


Shyness envelops our spirit when we are young, until we develop a strong personal identity that is confident and affirms our worth. What is pure, innocent and gentle easily becomes veiled by the taint of sophistication and egotism. As we mature, our talents and gifts, and spirit, emerge, at which point it feels safe to express ourselves in the world. Our sweetness comes to the surface, as we release fear and feel secure in expressing ourselves. Shyness protects our goodness and sweetness until we are ready to blossom.


The Angel of Sweet Shyness helps us find safe places where our soul can rest in comfort, and our gifts can develop under wise guidance. It leads us to the schools, training and teachers who help hone our skills; it provides us with loving friends who walk with us into the world. This angel’s obligation is to protect our pure light and abiding sweetness. It is our timidity that protects our gentle spirit, so full of wonder, eager to love and be loved, and open to divine goodness. It helps maintain our spiritual integrity, knowing our innocence and purity are safe.


Beloved Angel of Sweet Shyness, protect my tender and sweet nature from ignorance and exploitation. Teach me to turn away from anything that endangers my pure spirit. Help me stay radiant and strong, as I develop the confidence to be in the world as a positive beacon for good. 

Angels strive to expand our lives. They guide and heal us, moving us forward, highlighting what needs doing and keeping us on course.

This beautifully illustrated oracle features 52 inspirational angel cards to lift the spirit, quicken your thoughts and identify your hopes. Each card resonates with the qualities of the angel it represents, establishing a powerful connection to the Divine, and offering access to inner wisdom and guidance that will support you in all your endeavours.

The book includes detailed interpretations for each angel, along with accompanying prayers and affirmations, while a selection of card layouts helps you gain clarity and direction in your readings, as well as guiding your actions throughout the year. Find the strength and focus to meet your challenges, by allowing the love and grace of angels into your life.

Publication date: 8th November 2018
ISBN: 978-1-85906-170-1
Price: £22.99

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Ambika Wauters is a professional psychotherapist and counsellor who has been teaching and healing for more than 20 years, and also a respected artist, having trained at the Royal College of Art in London. She is the author of over twenty titles on angels, chakras and homeopathy, and her books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.
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