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When you enter the crystal universe you discover a fascinating new world that brings joy and personal fulfilment. As female practitioners of lithotherapy, or crystal healing, we felt it was important to write a book for women who love crystals and want to work with them. These stones have a gentle power that can be used in myriad everyday ways to enhance femininity and well-being throughout the four stages of life – childhood, adolescence, adult life and motherhood, and later life. Using and handling these stones encourages happy emotions, and their effects can also boost intuition and enhance personal development.

As a general rule, several healing crystals are recommended and it is exciting to try them one by one or together to discover which work best with which season, with which state of mind or to achieve the healing effect desired. There are also crystals that are best held in the hand to enrich meditation or contemplation.

– Catherine Mayet & Nathaëlh Remy

Healing Crystals:

5 Questions & Answers

1. What is a healing crystal? 

A therapeutic or healing crystal is a mineral which, depending on its properties, produces a beneficial effect. The healing qualities of the crystals featured here have been recognized since ancient times and acknowledged by certain visionaries such as, in the Middle Ages, the German Saint Hildegard of Bingen. Since then, their properties have been further studied and evaluated as professional lithotherapists have recorded their own experiences and reactions. The beneficial effects of crystals can be emotional, invigorating or spiritual, which is why crystals are described as ‘therapeutic’. In the event of illness, healing crystals can be a helpful addition to conventional medical treatment but should not be used as a substitute.

2. How do they transmit their powers?

There are several different hypotheses. Everything that exists on Earth, such as sound, light or colour, vibrates to a particular wavelength. Crystals resonate as a result of their colour, structure, the trace elements present during the original crystallization process, and the sum of their experiences since their formation. Crystals are also composed of minerals that humans need to replenish the body’s mineral content. It is believed that a subtle transmission of power from the crystals will redress any mineral deficiencies in the body. The process occurs via skin contact with the crystal and also across electromagnetic fields. The vibrational resonance between a crystal and an individual facilitates imperceptible exchanges of information.

Meeting clients in the mineral store where we worked taught us some interesting and surprising things. For instance, we noticed that children aged under seven often experienced the power of crystals quite naturally. Some highly sensitive and receptive people retain that ability to communicate with the mineral world as they get older. However, most people say they feel nothing, most probably because they are not sufficiently capable of listening to their bodies. Wanting and deciding to hone this sense makes individuals aware of their own responsiveness, developing their capacity to communicate with crystals. It also helps people become less judgemental towards themselves and towards those who lack this responsiveness. In this way emotional or energy imbalances can be resolved. This is why we generally suggest using crystals directly on your skin to enhance and feel their effects, and to encourage the transfer of their mineral power.

3. What different types of crystal are there?

Crystals are chosen for their beauty and their rarity value. Usually, they are carefully removed from rock and never suffer any kind of mishandling (other stones may be extracted using dynamite). Their weight can vary from tens of grammes to hundreds of kilos for Amethysts or huge blocks of Rock Crystal. They can be admired in museum displays, at mineral fairs and in stores that sell minerals or gems for export. The largest mineral fair in the world is the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase that takes place annually in winter at more than 40 venues in Tucson, Arizona.

Mineral specialists from throughout the world can be found there. In France, the Mineral and Gem International Show is held each June in a pretty Alsace village called Sainte Marie-aux-Mines.

Semi-precious or precious stones, such as Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires or Emeralds, are sold in jewellery shops. These gems are highly prized for their beauty, rarity, purity and quality. They will be cut and ground into forms that can be used in jewellery. Their weight is minuscule and is measured in carats (1 carat = 200 mg or 0.2 g). Set decoratively in jewellery as conspicuous symbols of power or wealth, these stones are offered as tokens of love and fidelity on occasions such as an engagement or wedding. However, semi-precious stones such as Amethyst,
Turquoise, Jade, Rose Quartz and Moonstone are being used increasingly in jewellery workshops.

4. How should I choose a crystal?

Whether it is a spontaneous purchase or chosen for health reasons, you should let your heart guide you. A crystal must resonate with its user, as this creates a special bond. You have to follow your instincts and buy a crystal that pleases you. The amount of enjoyment and wonder people get from a crystal will vary according to each individual’s personality.

5. How should I use a crystal?

You can hold the crystal in your hand – during a walk, for instance – or attach it to yourself with special sticky tape (available from pharmacies) that doesn’t irritate the skin. You can also put it in your pocket or in your bra. Contemplation or simple meditation will help you to get in touch and commune with the crystal. For some people, this can be a very rich and surprising journey of self-discovery. Focusing on the crystal, you can experience it and absorb its light, colour and form.

If you forget to take it with you, you can visualize it or conjure it up in your imagination. Scientific studies now show that in this context the brain does not differentiate between imagination and reality.

At night, the mind is at rest but the body gets the chance to cleanse and regenerate itself. This is a good time to use a crystal, particularly over the long term. Whether you’re doing this for yourself or a child, it’s a good idea to place the crystal under the pillow or in the pillowcase so that it can have a subtle effect on the mind.

Healing Crystals:

For every stage of life

For Babies

Sleep problems

Night terrors and nightmares


An infant can suffer significant fears and anxieties at bedtime. A large piece of raw Rose Quartz placed under the child’s bed at head level will encourage peaceful sleep and will drive away night terrors. Green Aventurine relieves sadness, while Blue Chalcedony calms tearfulness. Imperial Topaz brings joy and comfort. Each of these crystals should be worn next to the skin on a necklace or pendant or secured under a stomach band. Lapis Lazuli gets rid of nightmares and should be slipped beneath the bedsheet of a baby, as should Turquoise, which combats sleep disturbances in young babies.

For Teenagers


When teenagers become ‘hooked’


Some young girls – those who are emotionally fragile or unsure of themselves – may have a tendency to copy other people. They follow the crowd or, to try and look more grown-up, may drink alcohol or smoke, or may compensate by overeating. Others escape reality by shutting themselves off in the virtual world of video games, where they can lead their lives at one remove from reality. In such cases, Amethyst can help the withdrawal process and Lapis Lazuli will calm extreme urges. Black Tourmaline further protects against electromagnetic radiation, provided it is regularly cleaned and recharged.

At Work

Organization & Burnout

Stop feeling overloaded

Black Tourmaline could successfully organize the work of a government minister – and even prioritize the tasks! Don’t forget it. This crystal is ideal for rediscovering your sensitivity and responsiveness, as it balances the dark ‘yin’ principle. It can be slipped into a pocket, worn close to the heart or put under a pillow. Red Garnet energizes and maximizes the little strength remaining at the end of marathon days. It can be used in the same way as Black Tourmaline. Turquoise develops the organizing abilities that every woman has. Keep it with you day and night in any form you like. Invigorating Imperial Topaz will help you to confront everyday stress; it is best worn on a bracelet. In our daily routine, the unexpected can seem like a wild beast that has to be tamed. When faced with unforeseeable events and the emotional tension they bring, consider Rose Quartz, which will help you keep an open heart and mind. It will stop you from sinking into bitterness or anger. Rhodochrosite has much the same effect. It will give you an energy boost if you are tired. These crystals should preferably be worn next to the skin on a necklace, pendant or in donut form.

Black Obsidian brings a sense of where the happy medium lies. This idea draws on the notion of yin and yang, which corresponds with the duality of everything: for instance, the white and the black, and yang activity and yin repose. The two sides are constantly changing. The priority is to avoid excess and maintain balance. Black Obsidian reorients us. Beware of burnout – literally burning up energy until it is exhausted. It is essential to be able to draw a line, even though it is true that life sometimes overloads us with responsibilities that have to be taken on whatever the cost.

Falling in Love

Break-up (your choice)

A time for self-reflection

You have to take your courage in both hands to make the break. But then a new companion
– guilt – appears! Making a fresh start is never easy. 
Red Jasper will help you to remain objective about the decision you have taken. If the situation has reached this point, it is because the relationship was no longer working. Lapis Lazuli helps you breathe when you’re overcome by the spiral of events. Chrysoprase allows you to keep your objectives in mind so you can move on without looking back. Black Tourmaline relieves any guilt by lifting your mood. Rose Quartz calms the emotional stress caused by a stream of memories. Morganite brings peace of mind when break-ups mark the end of a difficult relationship. Turquoise will guide you on a new path and can renew anyone’s optimism. Lastly, Imperial Topaz will shed light on what the future without your partner looks like.


Mood swings and anger

Blame the hormones

Orange Moonstone controls levels of oestrogen and progesterone. Amethyst lifts low morale caused by reduced hormone production and helps you to stay in control. To halt mounting anger, try Chrysoprase. Lilac Lepidolite puts you in a good mood and promotes harmony. Rhodochrosite helps settle disputes. Blue Chalcedony relieves frustration. Each one can be worn on a necklace, pendant, bracelet or in donut form, or slipped into a pocket. Use them together, too, as you wish.



All sorts of fears

The school of life never ends. Having to abandon your usual way of doing things and move on and start learning again is not easy. Mastering new skills such as managing crutches or a frame, or finding your way around new places such as a care home is even harder. Tiger’s Eye helps you to take the plunge and decide to make the change. Carry it in your pocket or wear it on a necklace, bracelet or in donut form. To embrace new things despite a quite understandable fear of change, Red Jasper is recommended. This crystal will give you the strength you need. Wearing Rhodochrosite will fill you with love that lasts and keeps you positive. To free yourself from recurring or periodically negative emotions, choose Morganite and wear it in your bra.  

The most effective crystal for deep-seated fears is Black Obsidian. Have it with you at night in its raw form or on a necklace or in donut shape. It can be combined with a bracelet or pendant of Rhodochrosite, whose gentleness will fill your heart with tenderness and give you the confidence you lack. You could also hold a ball-shaped piece of Rose Quartz and keep it with you for as long as necessary. It is a good idea to combine Black Obsidian with Black Tourmaline; using the two crystals together will restore balance where it is needed. Wear them on a pendant, necklace or bracelet.

Fear of death is understandable and reasonable. ‘Death is a new sun’, said the Swiss- American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, who was a specialist in support for the dying and a renowned author. Certain crystals, such as Citrine, are specifically recommended to encourage a new state of awareness and to relieve this natural and universal fear.

This article has been extracted from new book Healing Crystals for Women by Eddison Books

Healing Crystals
for Women

Must-have crystals and their benefits for every stage of life

Catherine Mayet & Nathaëlh Remy

Temper tantrums, teenage tiredness, infertility, anxiety during pregnancy, hot flushes … Each new milestone in life brings its own challenges – and crystals can offer a helping hand to see us through. This practical guide presents the 20 essential therapeutic crystals every woman needs – plus 10 ‘bonus’ crystals to extend the range of healing possibilities – with clear advice on their beneficial properties, crystal selection and care, and how to use them for maximum effect. Each crystal carries its own energy, which can be used to rebalance emotions and soothe body, mind and spirit.

Whether laid on the skin, worn as jewellery, used in meditation or simply placed close by, these miraculous gemstones can bring untold benefits to transform your life every step of the way.

Publication date: 1st November 2018
ISBN: 978-1-85906-423-8
Price: £13.99

(PS – You can use the ISBN to
order from ANY bookshop!)






Catherine Mayet is a qualified graphologist, bioenergetician and geobiologist. She currently practices as a lithotherapist (crystal healer), privately and in workshops. She is also a practitioner of Tipi (Technique for the sensory identification of unconscious fears).

Nathaëlh Remy is a lithotherapist who is also trained in Ayurvedic and Shantala massage, therapeutic treatments based on elixirs, Reiki and numerology. Crystals are, for her, an essential gateway into the spiritual world and personal development.

Publication date: 1st November 2018
ISBN: 978-1-85906-423-8
Price: £13.99

(PS – You can use the ISBN to order from ANY bookshop!)


Catherine Mayet is a qualified graphologist, bioenergetician and geobiologist. She currently practices as a lithotherapist (crystal healer), privately and in workshops. She is also a practitioner of Tipi (Technique for the sensory identification of unconscious fears).

Nathaëlh Remy is a lithotherapist who is also trained in Ayurvedic and Shantala massage, therapeutic treatments based on elixirs, Reiki and numerology. Crystals are, for her, an essential gateway into the spiritual world and personal development.