We invite you to discover our audio meditation guides, here to accompany our new Mandala book: Healing Body Meditations.

Recorded by author Steve Nobel, this introduction to the book and accompanying meditations walk you through the chakras and give you guidance on meditation.

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Listen to Steve Nobel’s calming voice, sit down, close your eyes and focus on your inner strength. 


Connecting with Feelings

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Opening to Wholeness

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Healing body meditations, 30 mandalas to enhance your health and wellbeing.

 I want to talk to you briefly, about the basic principle behind this innovative book of healing meditations, and the transformational power of imagery, of symbols.

 Why are symbols important? Well, as Carl Young pointed out, they emerge from our highest aspirations, and also from our deepest psychic roots.

 Prehistoric cave paintings, remind us, that symbols have been with us since the dawn of civilization. In our modern world, we are constantly surrounded by symbols.

 We do not, however, always grasp, the far-reaching daily effects, symbols and metaphors have on us; their power to influence us has long been known to advertisers, which is my millions have been spent to find the right symbolic messages to shape our buying habits.

 In our complex inner lives, symbolism is an internal language, whereby, our unconscious minds, attempts to communicate meaning to us. Many books have been writing on interpreting dream symbology. What is not so often considered, is that symbolic language is a two-way street. That means, not only our unconscious mind seeks to speak to us, but we can learn to speak back.

 Using symbols, we can help to enrich many aspects of our lives. It can help to enhance our peace of mind, our vitality, and also, help to generate healing, which is, our course, what this book is all about.

 I was introduced to the incredible power of symbols in my early 30s when I began studying different magical systems. I learned the power of meditation, and how to also, use simple rituals and symbols for healing, and personal empowerment.

I learned the focusing on different symbols, had different effects on my psychological state. For instance, it is quite hard to feel depressed or upset while focusing on a symbol such as a field of golden sunflowers, glowing in the midday sun.

Symbols cannot only change our psychological state, they can activate resources deeply held in our conscious mind. One method, that’s quite commonly practised nowadays, is to meditate on the chakras; seeing them as different coloured flowers, opening from the base of the spine to the top of the head. This book has many similar practices that can be employed to access the miraculous healing power of the body.

The 30 healing mandala meditations in this book, have been specially devised to address the meditators relationship with his or her own body, with symptoms such as pain, fatigue, or anxiety.

Meditation is a time honoured way to settle our anxiety and fears. It does this by concentrating our mind upon essentials, the underlying rightness of our being, right now, in the universe.

Meditation helps us physical feel more at ease, and it’s through this sense of peacefulness, that the body starts to heal itself; throwing off the tensions, fatigues, and toxins that have accumulated during everyday life.

Key health benefits have been observed over time, including: stress reduction, improved sleep, lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular function, and even improved immunity.

 The mandalas in this book are meditation tools to help you enhance your health and wellbeing. Apart from the specific benefits described for many of them, they’re all intended to provide a positive foundation for healing. These mandalas are far from traditional in their imagery, their unusual feature is that they are focused on a particular body part, or system. The idea is to encourage acceptance of the body and all of its processes.

 Often, when we are ill, we shy away from our physical body, and particularly the idea that it’s troubling us. To engage in an accepting relationship with the fact of our illness and all our symptoms, is to take one step towards health.

 One of the principles of this book, is the idea that healing energy, can be summoned by the mind, and directed where needed by the power of the imagination; expressed at it simplest, bringing hopeful feelings on a symptom or body part, can only be beneficial, since hope and positive energy is the opposite of anxiety. Anxiety can only make us feel worse, and can only cause or exacerbate an illness.

 Hope and positive energy, on the other hand, makes us feel stronger; puts us in a better frame of mind to receive the body’s natural healing. Positive energy is also related to power of intention, or the law of attraction, as it’s often called. By visualising a goal, we can increase our change of attaining it.

 If we can visual positive healing and energy, bathing for example, a wound of some kind, we can accelerate the healing.

 Follow your intuitive judgement in selecting any of the mandalas in this book. It may not have any obvious connection with the body part or systems you are concerned about, but there may be something in the imagery that draws you. Always trust your intuition.

– Steve Nobel