In this podcast episode, John Matthews discusses choosing or rather – being chosen by –your power animal by attending a spiritual party; the relationship between the Celts, the land and the Romans, and takes a look at Shamanism across different cultures.

Celtic Totem Animals


This is a fascinating collection of traditional Celtic stories to amaze and entertain. Animal tricksters, boasters and heroes all dwell herein, set amidst the dazzling universe of Celtic lore. 

Using the web link included in the book, play the drumming music, and allow yourself to be safely carried on a wave of sound, to experience your own shamanic journey. In this gentle trance you can find your Totem Animal, and the 20 Totem Animal cards included will help you choose animal helpers for particular situations. Ask for guidance on life issues – for self-empowerment or simply for fun. Includes 20 totem animal cards Conduct your own shamanic journey Use the web link to listen to the drumming music played by Caitlin Matthews to aid meditation Bestselling author is leading expert on Celtic traditions and has been a practising shaman for over thirty years. 

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