Stéphane Leduc Sells EDITIONS LEDUC.S to Focus on Driving UK Growth

29th November 2018: Editions Leduc.s announces exclusive negotiation with leading French publisher, Albin Michel for acquisition of the business in early 2019.

Stéphane Leduc, CEO and owner of Eddison Books Limited, formerly Eddison Sadd, confirms his intent to sell his French business Editions Leduc.s to Albin Michel. Created in 2003, Editions Leduc.s has grown from strength to strength, developing rapidly in recent years, with a current turnover of approximately 10 M €.

Leduc is stepping away from Editions Leduc.s to concentrate on the growth and development of Eddison Books, lending his expertise in wellbeing, health and personal development to the UK enterprise.

“I am very proud of the business expansion since the creation of Leduc 15 years ago, but equally excited about the opportunity to devote my full attention and focus to the growth and evolution of my UK business,” explains Stéphane Leduc.

Lisa Dyer, managing director, says, “We are now entering a dynamic new phase and exciting times for Eddison.  We will be strategically building on our highly regarded MBS publishing to continue to move forward and create innovative titles that inform, inspire, empower and transform.”