Dynamics of Stillness


This meditation guide will help readers disengage from ?information overload?, reconnect with their self, their senses and nature, and develop a self-healing ?state of neutrality?.


Stop and be still. This book is the antidote to the information overload of the modern age, helping readers to disengage from chaos and find stillness within. In this practical book, experienced osteopath Ian Wright blends holistic disciplines ? including those from Buddhism,Taoism and Aboriginal traditions ? with modern science and fluid dynamics to help readers quieten their minds to self-heal. Through mindfulness and meditation techniques, he guides readers towards a calm, nonreactive ?state of neutrality?, while at the same time allowing them to establish a very deep connection between their senses and the world.

A practicing osteopath, teacher and lecturer in Ireland and the founder of the Daisy Clinic Trust, Ian Wright has been practising osteopathy and pediatrics for more than 25 years including in Ireland and the UK. He runs Dynamics of Stillness courses for people from all walks of life and publishes a weekly podcast about health and well-being. BSc(Ost), FSCCO (cranial osteopathy), MOCI (disability specialist).

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Ian Wright



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Hardback, 227mm x 165mm, 160 pages

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