Heal Yourself with Chinese Pressure Points


Treat common ailments and stay healthy using 12 key acupressure points.

This perfect introduction for beginners presents the 12 key acupressure points for treating common ailments and conditions, according to the principles of Chinese medicine.
After a simple overview of the meridian system of energy channels in the body, plus easy-to follow instructions on different massage techniques, you are then introduced to each of the 12 points in turn, and how to use them to treat a wide range of conditions, from headaches, sciatica and fatigue to insomnia, motion sickness and even a sore throat! Clear illustrations and diagrams are included throughout, along with tips on other useful complementary treatments.


User-friendly introduction for beginners
Look after your health using only your fingers!
Get started straight away – no complicated techniques to master
Includes specific treatments for over 40 common conditions using just 12 pressure points

Laurent Turlin is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and qualified acupuncturist, teaching and practising acupuncture at his clinic in Paris. Having studied for five years in Europe and two years in China, he then developed his method of treatment based on energy anatomy from the teachings of Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul.
Visit his website at: www.turlin.com
Alix Lefief-Delcourt is a journalist specializing in natural health topics, food, organic living and cookery.

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Laurent Turlin



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Binding: Paperback Format: 229mm x 178mm Extent: 160 pages

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