The Tui-Na Manual


Massage to awaken body and mind

This clear, step-by-step guide introduces Tui Na, a Chinese system of therapy that uses massage and manipulation to relieve pain, release tension and treat common ailments. Clear illustrations outline the meridian energy channels and qi (life energy) points, while step-by-step photographs demonstrate each technique. Ideal for improving sporting performance, alleviating executive stress or simply invigorating body and mind, Tui Na can be used on friends, family or colleagues, at home or at work, and is suitable for any age, young or old.


Improve well-being and alleviate common ailments with this whole body massage programme based on traditional oriental therapies
Suitable for beginners and those with experience alike
All techniques illustrated step by step
Author is the leading authority on Tui Na in the West

Maria Mercati is an internationally renowned teacher and therapist in Tui Na, Thai massage, acupuncture and Indonesian massage. Having trained extensively throughout Asia, she founded BODYHARMONICS®, an integrated approach to therapy which blends Chinese, Thai and Indonesian treatment methods to promote health and harmony. Visit her website at

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Dimensions 235 × 190 cm

Maria Mercati



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Binding: Paperback Format: 235mm x 190mm Extent: 144 pages

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Eddison Books did a fantastic job with this book! It is chock-full of information and is easy to understand. It covers the basics of traditional Chinese medicine, the meridians and qi points, tui na techniques, a full body routine, and tips for everyday applications. The photos and illustrations are great extensions of the related text and provide clarity on what you are reading. It is a great book and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about it for self-care or for massage therapists who wish to use it as a reference book for their tui na training or use it to add another tool to their toolbox. – Lee Cress: Licensed Massage Therapist and Student of Tui Na


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